“A Day in The Life” with actress, writer, and producer, Rebecca Kwan

Seeing Rebecca on screen is to watch a lifetime of magic unfold. Whether she’s playing a woman trying to find refuge from an abusive relationship in Our Ladies of Brooklyn (2021) or a compassionate nurse in Skymed (2022), each role that this Toronto-born talent finds herself in is not just a showcase of how finely she has honed her craft – it also demonstrates a decade’s worth of determination that has shaped the success she experiences today. But this powerhouse does not stop at her on-screen prowess: Rebecca’s role as Alia Steele in the gripping sci-fi podcast Cascadia – a show that has had its own panel in Comicon Toronto – tells us that while so young, she is a force to be reckoned with.

The way Rebecca has already broken barriers in an industry that has not given a fair shot to Asian women requires more than a disciplined hustle; it also requires the maturity to take a pause for reflection, and the ability to refuse a life that doesn’t make her fulfilled. Some days that means sending in that audition tape because every shot not taken is the possibility of an opportunity not being made. Other days, that means taking the day off to make soup noodles with me by her side, commiserating over the struggles of our personal and professional lives.

With her production company SeeYun Entertainment in the works, we should have no doubts that her spectacular career has only just begun.

-Written by Jasmine Lee — Digital Sub Editor at CORQ & Rebecca’s cousin

Rebecca Kwan
Trying to stay consistent at the gym for mental and physical health!
Rebecca Kwan
Spending time with my best friend Milo
Out to dinner with the family!
Comicon Panel Q&A excitement for “Cascadia”
Rebecca Kwan
Catching a sunset is my favourite part of the day
Rebecca Kwan
ADR for an upcoming project!


Which ’hood are you in?

Currently, I’m in between cities! But I rep North York!

What do you do?

I’m an actress, writer, and producer. But in my spare time, I try my best to consume my time with things non-industry related (Which is really really hard because I love work). Gaming, spending time with my Godson Kaison, heading up north to see my cousins and catching up with friends. Oh, and celebrating with good food and trying out new restaurants. Can never beat a good meal.

What are you working on?

Currently, I’ve begun production on a new film under my production company, SeeYun Entertainment alongside auditioning/self-taping for new projects. I’m over the moon to be able to work on original IPs and to have the time in between seasons to write and work on my passion projects. You can definitely say my hands are a little full!

Where can we find your work?

IMDB | Instagram | Twitter



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