Sneak a peek at Cafe Boulud’s 2019 Winterlicious menu

Winterlicious is days away and with over 200 restaurants involved, how do you decide? Some of us want to take the opportunity to try new restaurants and, for some of us, it’s a fun opportunity to see what chefs can do. The city wide culinary event runs January 25 to February 7. But don’t wait too long to decide on where to go! Reservations are already being accepted.

We’ve offered up a few suggestions of tried and true Winterlicious restaurants already if you’re still trying to decide. And let’s be real, we’re taking any excuse to step away from that instapot now.

2019 Winterlicious menu

Cafe Boulud at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto has consistently offered up exciting Winterlicious menus. The dishes have textures and blend of flavours in mind. We had a chance to try both Winterlicious lunch and dinner menus at this French Brasserie that’s under the eye of Michelin Star Chef Daniel Boulud. But aside from the food, it’s the consistency in service that also makes this a favourite. Attentive even at the busiest of times! And go for lunch and dinner as the menus are different.

Yes, you can get Steak Frites on the Winterlicious menu  but there are other dishes worth trying.  Herb Roasted Branzino with orange braised fennel is a delicious choice as is the USDA Prime Striploin  that just melts in your mouth. Also worth noting is the Smoked Salmon appetizer that brings several textures and exciting flavours. The Butternut Squash Soup is hands-down the best we’ve ever tasted. The Raspberry Chocolate Mousse is worth breaking that diet for.

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the dishes …

Cafe Boulud's 2019 Winterlicious menu
Butternut Squash Soup with sage, creme fraiche, brown butter gelee
Cafe Boulud's 2019 Winterlicious menu
Chicken Liver Mousse, port gelee, toasted baguette, fennel salad
Cafe Boulud's 2019 Winterlicious menu
Herb Roasted Branzino with orange braised fennel, carrot puree, roasted red cipollini onion
Cafe Boulud's 2019 Winterlicious menu
Smoked Salmon appetizer with celery remoulade, field greens, lemon vinaigrette
Cafe Boulud's 2019 Winterlicious menu
Strichetti house made pasta, romanesco, mushroom ragout, olives, sun-dried tomatoes
Cafe Boulud's 2019 Winterlicious menu
USDA Prime Striploin, confir potato, parsnips puree, sautéed brussels sprouts, bordelaise
Cafe Boulud's 2019 Winterlicious menu
Raspberry Chocolate Mousse, chocolate sponge, hazelut crunch
Cafe Boulud's 2019 Winterlicious menu
Grapefruit Sundae, sesame, rose loukoum, grapefruit sorbet



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