“A Day in the Life” with artist and editor, Sarah Jackson

When Sarah Jackson was in grade one, she got sent to the principal’s office for being sarcastic. She learned early on that not everyone would appreciate her sense of humour. Nevertheless, she made jokes. Sarah was not an athletic child, and she spent a lot of time rewatching the same movies, the ones that made her laugh (Clueless, Young Frankenstein) and the ones that made her cry (Little Women, Romeo + Juliet). Growing up in Guelph (hometown of the legendary Neve Campbell—whom Sarah worshipped as a child), Sarah wasn’t sure what she wanted to do as a career, but when she took a creative writing class in high school, she realized she loved writing and was maybe sort of okay at it. She went to university for English, but that got interrupted twice due to a couple of brushes with death. But the third time’s the charm, and she graduated from the University of Toronto in 2010. She wrote the first chapter of a novel that summer and continued working on it over the years while working various admin jobs before landing a job in publishing. Lacking confidence, she abandoned her novel for years at a time. That novel, which shows Sarah’s early love for the funny and the heartbreaking, was published in June. It’s called A Bit Much, and it’s hilarious, smart, and moving—I keep telling Sarah it’s like if A24 made Beaches.

Written by Derek O’Donnell – partner

Sarah Jackson
The day ARCS (advanced reading copies) of my book arrived was an exciting day. Finished copies of my book should arrive any day now, and I think that’s when it will really set in that my book is being published.
Sarah Jackson
My nephew, Levi, was born in 2021. He is a sweet and happy baby. I love spending time with him, and I find it comforting that he can’t yet have an opinion on my book.
I can’t drive, and I’m terrible at sports, but I can canoe. I love canoeing during the summer. This photo is old—the fact that I’m wearing colour really gives it away.
I write and edit mostly in bed because there is no room in my apartment for a desk. My cat, Odette “Odie”, is self-absorbed and doesn’t support me doing things that don’t involve petting her.
A photo of me and my partner, Derek, at our friends’ wedding just before the pandemic. Back when we got regular haircuts and wore real clothes.
I am a deeply serious writer and editor, so with that, comes brooding. Here I am brooding. Relax, I’m joking. This is a selfie I took while I was waiting for my food order to arrive.
Sarah Jackson
This is the cover of my debut novel, designed by the brilliant designer Kate Sinclair. If you’re cool, you’ll start painting your nails like this.
Sarah Jackson
I had to get new photos taken for my book jacket and publicity. This photo was shot by my partner, Derek O’Donnell, who is an incredible photographer. Check out his work online!


Which ‘hood are you in?

Wychwood/Hillcrest. Home to the best scones in Toronto at Baker & Scone.

What do you do?

I’m a writer and an editor.

What are you currently working on?

I’m always editing books by super-talented writers. I also just launched my debut novel, A Bit Much. This involved a lot of sweating.

Where can we find your work?

My book came out on June 7th, and you can buy it wherever books are sold! You can find where to buy it here.



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