“A Day in the Life” with Toronto Actress, Writer and Producer Olunike Adeliyi

Olunike Adeliyi is the real deal—she’s a Canadian powerhouse with a knack for rocking the entertainment world in all the best ways. Not just an actress, writer, and producer, she’s a true lover of the arts and culture. You might remember her as Officer Leah Kerns from Flashpoint, where she lit up the screen from 2008 to 2012. Fast forward, and she’s been making waves in Workin’ Moms, Revenge of the Black Best Friend, The Porter, and the must-watch series Mike.

Movies? Oh yeah, she’s got those covered too—She Never Died, Darken, The Parting Glass, Boost, The Prodigy, Chaos Walking—the list goes on. And hey, she snagged a Canadian Screen Award for “Best Lead Performance” in Revenge of the Black Best Friend. Nominations? Yeah, she’s got those too, proving she’s as versatile as they come.

What’s next? Olunike is on fire with Rachel Morrison’s Flint Strong and the buzzworthy series The Porter. Plus, catch her in Hulu’s latest hit, Mike, rubbing elbows with some top-tier talents. With an impressive track record and more in the pipeline, Olunike Adeliyi is owning the entertainment game.

Olunike Adeliyi
Olunike Adeliyi – actress, writer, and producer
Olunike Adeliyi
Olunike Adeliyi and author and filmmaker L.A. Wade
Olunike and the Black Girl Magic Makers at the Legacy Awards
Olunike and the Cast of The Porter
Olunike Adeliyi
Olunike at a Nigerian School
Olunike Adeliyi
Olunike in a shop in Jamaica


Which ’hood are you in?

I live in Toronto but grew up in Brampton. My background is a blend of Nigerian and Jamaican heritage, emphasizing the significance of community in my life. While there’s a perception that Toronto is among the loneliest cities globally, my passion for the arts has been a source of connection and grounding for me. I find joy in the vibrant arts scene here, appreciating the city’s proximity to cultural experiences. A particular favourite of mine is Soulpepper Theatre, where their inclusive and diverse programming offers immersive forms of storytelling that I deeply cherish.

What do you do?

My roles as actress, writer, producer, mentor, and philanthropist, allow me to showcase my versatility. My passion for storytelling, and commitment to mentorship, along with my dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realms of entertainment is intricately tied to the question “What do you do?”

As an actress, I bring characters to life on screen with depth and authenticity, but beyond acting, I am also recognized as a writer, contributing to the creation of engaging narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.

In addition to my work as an actress, I have been getting more into producing where I am able to demonstrate my Capricorn tendencies of being extremely organized. Being a part of the development and execution of projects and showcasing a different side of myself allows me to show up in my commitment to shaping compelling stories.

Beyond my creative pursuits, I also serve as a mentor to up-and-coming as well as to more established artists. Sharing my knowledge and experiences with aspiring individuals in the industry, allows me to dedicate myself to fostering talent and providing guidance to the growth and development of the next generation of creatives.

As I continue to grow and expand my reach, I recognize the importance of being a philanthropist. I intentionally look for ways to leverage my platform and resources to make a positive impact on various social causes. My involvement in charitable activities reflects my desire to contribute to the betterment of society and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

What are you currently working on?

My current focus includes taking on the lead role and executive producer duties for “Morningside,” navigating the film festival circuit with “Thirsty AF,” and working on a personal TV series.

I am currently gearing up to take on the lead role and serve as an executive producer for “Morningside.” Simultaneously, I’m making my debut as an executive producer with a small cameo in “Thirsty AF: The Adventures of a Recovering Sex Addict,” a project created by the talented L.A. Wade. Our collaboration doesn’t end there; we have plans for more joint ventures in the future. In 2024, we’ll be taking “Thirsty AF” on the film festival circuit, pitching to networks, and seeking distribution for this compelling project.

Moreover, “Thirsty AF” won’t be confined to traditional screenings; we’re planning a dynamic tour of colleges, universities, and community organizations. This tour aims to not only showcase the film but also to bring attention to L.A. Wade’s book series, fostering important dialogues through uncensored Q&A sessions following the screenings.

On another creative front, I’m currently participating in the Ubuntu Decolonial Arts Centre in Costa Rica. During this residency I am actively engaged in writing and producing my own television series, drawing inspiration from my life experiences. This endeavour allows me to explore new dimensions of storytelling and bring unique narratives to life.

Where can we find your work?

To explore my body of work, the most comprehensive source is my IMDb page. Notable performances of mine can be witnessed in “Mike,” part of The Mike Tyson series available on Hulu. Additionally, you can catch me in “The Porter” and “Revenge of the Black Best Friend” on CBC and CBC Gem, as well as BET Plus. For a glimpse into some of my earlier projects, you’ll find me in “Working Moms” on CBC and Netflix.


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