Chocolate Paradise at Avoca Chocolates

I checked out Avoca Chocolates and they had anything and everything to fulfil your chocolate fix! They serve up hand-made, fair trade chocolate, gelato & ice cream in a family-run business with 3 locations.

Avoca Chocolates

Avoca Chocolates has 3 locations: [1] 176 Hampton Avenue Toronto, ON M4K 2Z1 [2] 148 Ossington Avenue Toronto, ON M6J 2Z5 [3] 850 Millwood Road Toronto, ON M4G 1W6. I went to the Danforth location during the holiday season and it was magical. There were lights around the exterior and the inside was chocolate paradise! It had a European feel. Their storefront had a great Christmas display and even a little train. They had so many kinds of truffles, ice creams, chocolate barks, chocolate bars, hot cocoa bombs and more.

Avoca Chocolates

On to the chocolate! I tried a box of 6 chocolate truffles: Pride – Bold passionfruit complimented by a smooth white chocolate, Princess Sophie – Almond butter combined with pure white chocolate, Nirvana – Hibiscus tea set in a tranquil milk chocolate buddha head, True North – Maple with each bite of this dark chocolate, Laurier – Canadian strawberry puree fortified with white chocolate and lastly Wild Ruth – dark chocolate ganache with flakes of almond butter crunch.

Their chocolates are so decadent and the flavours are so rich. It was so fun to pick out my chocolates and check out the different colours and shapes. They also have gelato and ice cream which is perfect for the summertime. I would highly recommend trying out Avoca Chocolates because they use impeccable ingredients and their treats are fair-trade. The fillings of the chocolate are delicious, rich and balance well with the outer shell.

Avoca Chocolates

Overall, I think that this is the best shop to try some amazing and good quality chocolates. They have great decor and delicious items for all dessert lovers. I would recommend trying out their princess Sophie (almond butter) and pride (passionfruit) chocolates.

Check them out on their website or on their Instagram!



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