AHLOT partners with Dynasty Pot Shop to host Canada’s first cannabis speakeasy for Thinkers

More than just an alliance, both AHLOT and Dynasty Pot Shop are making big moves to unify free-thinkers and saturate cannabis culture in the community. Located in one of the stately streets of Toronto, the THINKER Speak Easy is known for its one-of-a-kind experience. Right in the Dynasty Pot Shop, the dispensary and pub feel includes indoor and outdoor spaces where guests can hang out and experience THINKER pre-rolls in a cozy & immersive environment.

Open and accessible from Thursday to Sunday until September, the speakeasy brings diverse attendees together and conceives a space to read, catch up with friends, work on solo activities, chill, meet others, and focus en masse. Not only that, but guests can also choose to experience the Thinker brand, ‘ON’ (Sativa) and ‘OFF’ (Indica) in a spirited manner.  The cultivars stand out in taste, effect, and quality.


Over the years, Cannabis has evolved, especially since its legalization in Canada. And public health support and safety considerations has been prioritized across the country. According to AHLOT’s Founder & CEO, Greg Pantelic, Canada’s cannabis curation company is thrilled to be collaborating with Dynasty Pot Shop on this incredible journey. “The THINKER Speak Easy draws inspiration from my entrepreneurial journey. We wanted to capture the vibe of a traditional coffee shop and creative entrepreneurial space, where lots of great businesses and ideas have been born – including THINKER – but also have the ability to experience the creative benefits of cannabis to take those ideas even further,” says Pantelic – who couldn’t be happier with how the THINKER Speak Easy has delivered on this promise for artists and entrepreneurs.

Made for thinkers, a series of VIP events take place every weekend, where renowned and emerging artists will showcase their talent, making it a memorable summer. Notable programs and upcoming events will be held at the cushy space. The patio outdoor experience includes a cannabis cafe and snack bar featuring programming by Jordan Sowunmi (Boosie Fade). Likewise, the reading room indoor experience features a reference library for Thinkers.


Here are the list of special experiences and ongoing film screenings, live music concerts, lectures and more in the wind:

  • Thursday August 11, 8-10PM: ‘I Can’t Stop Thinking About’ Lectures (Vol. 1) – Featuring people who want to share subjects they think a lot about, their personal obsessions with the audience and something they understand intimately and want to break down with an audience.
  • Saturday August 13, 2-4PM: Thinker Music Hub (Vol. 2) – We’re creating a live music hub that features artist interviews and performances during the day.
  • Thursday August 18, 8-10PM: ‘I Can’t Stop Thinking About’ Lectures (Vol. 2) – Also, showcasing people who want to share their insights about subjects they care about. Each presentation will be 10 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions.
  • Friday August 19, 9-11PM: Thinker Movie Club (Vol.3) – Also, showcasing multiple night film screening series, hosted by various programmers through the city.
  • Saturday August 27, 2-4PM: Thinker Music Hub (Vol. 3) – Live music hub that features artist interviews and performances during the day.
  • Friday September 2, 9-11PM: Thinker Movie Club (Vol.4) Similar to the others, keep an eye out for multiple night film screening series, hosted by various programmers/curators through the city.


If you are looking for a speakeasy in a class by itself, a spot to turn off, recharge and find some inspiration for tomorrow or to pursue your passion, stop by this innovative location. Located at 1086 Queen St W, Toronto, be ready for a worthy experience.





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