Which of the Six Canadian Hockey Teams should you Bet On?

It’s no news that Canadians love hockey and are huge fans of the game; for some reason – like the game is loved so much by Canadians; ice hockey is the country’s national sport. So if you’re wondering why some die-hard hockey fans make constant bets on a team like 3-ice, it’s because they love placing bets on their favourite team, not just that they’re super fans of their favourite NHL team.

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The Six Canadian NHL Teams

The Toronto Maple Leafs is the most valuable NHL franchise based in Canada, although they aren’t the most successful franchise in terms of achievement and accolades.

Montreal Canada is the most successful NFL Franchise; one of their significant achievements is winning 24 Stanley Cups, a huge success for an NHL team, a feat most NHL teams dream of achieving. More so, Montreal Canada is an 8-time conference and 24-division champion. Below are some of the best Canadian hockey teams.

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens is the oldest ice hockey, team. It was founded even before the NHL was formally established. They have won more stately cups than any other Canadian ice hockey team, and it’s only fitting to consider them as one of the best NHL teams, if not the best; put simply, they’ve won more trophies.

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators was founded in 1883, and we’re famous for winning numerous ice hockey cups; although the Ottawa Senators have two teams, the second was founded in 1990; they made the playoffs 12 times out of 14.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs is also amongst the original six NHL teams; in terms of winning championships, they place second as they’ve won about 13 titles. The Toronto Maple Leafs is considered the best NHL team, valued at $505 mill in 2010.

Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames Have won five division championships. They are usually compared to Edmonton Oilers, the Flames are always involved in community sports, and they own the Western Hockey League and Lacrosse franchises. Aside from being active in sports, they have been recognized for their charity works. 

Edmonton Oilers

After the World Hockey Association folded in 1979, the Edmonton Oilers joined the NHL and have so far recorded five Stanley Cup Championships. The Oilers won their first four championships with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. They won their fifth the year he left and have not won the Cup since.

Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks Joined the NHL in 1970, and throughout their time in the NHL, they’ve won the Presidents’ Trophy and the Campbell Bowl.


Which Hockey Teams Should you Bet On

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens are regarded as the royals in Canada and one of the greatest ice hockey teams; they’ve won 24 titles and are a favourite team to bet on by punters. Although the team has organizational issues, they have some great players and a great team, and the presence of younger players in the team at the moment makes the team a good squad with a lot to offer fans and others alike.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs are constant winners, they’ve won 13 Stanley Cups, and their history in the league has made them a respected team in the Canadian NHL. The Toronto Maple Leafs have many great players, including Marner, John Tavares, Jake Muzzin, William Nylander, Morgan Rielly, and Auston Matthews. And in time, they could add new young players to their roster, which is an excellent move for the team.

Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators is a good team to bet on, they’re in good form, and for one, they have a lot of young players, like Logan Brown, Alex Formenton

Drake Batherson, Thomas Chabot, and so many other great young players. More so, not to mention aside from their impressive roster of players, they are considered to be a versatile team by most fans and critics. And they hit home for fans during times of uncertainty.


There are other great Canadian NHL teams you can bet on, and it’s best to bet on Stanley cup matches. It’s among another group of exciting Canadian sporting events; other teams to bet on include; the  Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets.



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