Homegrown Business: KARE by the owner, Edilka Anderson

KARE Toronto was the first franchise in North America for the German furnishings and interior design company. We spoke with Edilka Anderson, Owner, to find out more about them.


What is your business called and what does it do?

The KARE brand symbolizes furnishing ideas that are unique and always full of imagination. Since 1981 the German company has been surprising its fans worldwide with an incomparable variety of new furniture, lighting and accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design.

KARE Toronto is the first North American franchise out of 100 stores, offering a tremendous selection of bold designs and interior design services. In the past few years, KARE has also opened franchises in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Miami.

What made you want to do this work?

I have always had an itch for design and working in the creative world, but it wasn’t until 4 years ago that I decided to leave the corporate world behind to pursue my dreams. Choosing KARE Toronto was one of the easiest decisions I have had to make. Having already started a Staging and Design business, when the opportunity arose to acquire the KARE Toronto franchise I knew this would allow me the opportunity to not only provide a service but also provide the products. Overall, I knew these two businesses were complimentary of one another and would allow for a more seamless experience for my clients.

What problem did you want to solve with the business?

As a stager and decorator, I noticed a lack of selection and “wow factor” as I was shopping for my clients. With interior design becoming such a relevant part of our everyday lives and our productivity I wanted to provide people with a selection of home furnishings they have never seen before and KARE does just that. KARE has something for every style and really allows people to showcase their personality within their homes or businesses, unlike the traditional North American style we are so used to seeing.

Who are your clientele/demographics?

Our products are designed for residential or commercial use which is why we often work with design professionals on their projects. Typically our clients are newly-wed couples shopping for their first home or empty-nesters looking to refresh their home and make it more functional.

How does your business make money? How does it work?

KARE makes money by selling our German-designed products in-store and online. We also offer in-house design services for those who need guidance in bringing their dream space to life.

Where in the city can we find your profession?

You can find our showroom right in downtown Oakville at 225 Lakeshore Road East, L6J 1H7 and of course, you can visit our website to view our complete range of products.

What is the best question a prospective customer could ask a member of your profession when comparing services? Give the answer as well.

What makes KARE different from all the other furniture brands?

KARE is different because it’s a lifestyle brand that isn’t afraid of out-of-the-box designs. We offer very unique pieces that can give customers a way to express their personalities.

What makes the KARE brand different from your competitors?

KARE stands on its own with its uniqueness and creative designs. KARE is a lifestyle brand that allows our clients the opportunity to bring personality into their spaces.

What is the best part about what you do? What is the worst part?

I thrive on using and expanding my creativity to create visually exciting spaces and environments that leave lasting impressions. I love playing with colours, textures and statement pieces to transform a blank canvas into something spectacular.

What is your favourite joke about your own profession?

It’s not so much a joke but a lot of people assume designers spend all day fluffing cushions and making these pretty, where in reality it is not always so glamorous.

Where can we follow you?

You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and our Blog.

PAY IT FORWARD: What is another local business that you love?

Being new in the Oakville community, one of my favourite local furniture stores is Accent For Living.



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