“Five Minutes With” Canadian Pop Singer/Song Writer Gabriella Verdugo

Gabriella Verdugo is a 15-year-old Canadian singer songwriter.  Gabriella’s style of music is pop. She plays acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele, and piano. Gabriella has been singing since before she could walk and has always loved music. Some of her musical inspirations include Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Whitney Houston.

Name: Gabriella Verdugo

Founded: I have been singing ever since I was little. But I started singing professionally in November of 2020 when Finish Strong started.

Favourite musician as a teenager: My Favourite musician was/ is Shawn Mendes.

Favourite musician now: Shawn Mendes is still my favourite. But I also really enjoy listening to Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, FINNEAS and Joshua Bassett.

Guilty Pleasure Song: I love blasting If I Can’t Have You by Shawn Mendes into my beats and just jamming out. And the same thing with Good 4 You by Olivia Rodrigo.

Live Show Ritual: I haven’t had one yet. But I think that I would do some vocal warmups, just warm up my body and do the shake down that they teach you in elementary school to get the nerves out!

Favourite local artist: Once again, Shawn Mendes!

Latest single/video:

EP or LP? LP for sure! I love new music, and I also think that a story is told in an album. So, having more songs in an album just means more detail to the story.

Early bird or night owl? Is there such a thing as a mid-day bird? Cause I think that would be me… But if I had to choose, I would say night owl. I think I am more productive with schoolwork and writing at night rather than in the morning.

Road or studio? I haven’t been on the road yet. But I think I would like to be on the road! Just performing and connecting with people. That would be so fun. Singing on stage has always been my dream, so definitely road.

Any shows or albums coming up? (What do you currently want to promote?)

No shows or upcoming albums yet. Promoting Finish Strong.

Rapid Fire Questions On Toronto

Favourite local Restaurant:

Bairrada Churrasqueira Grill. It is a Portuguese restaurant. My dad is Portuguese and we normally go every year (not the past 2 years because of covid) and it just reminds me of my second home and family.

Favourite Street: (Queen, College, other)

I don’t think I have a favourite street. All of Toronto is pretty cool!

Favourite Park? (Trinity Bellwoods, High Park, Riverdale, Kew Gardens, or other?)

We haven’t really ventured into any parks in Toronto. But, I would like to see the cherry blossoms blooming in High Park!

Favourite Music Venue?

I haven’t performed anywhere yet. I was at the Rogers Centre in September of 2019 to see Shawn Mendes live. And that was definitely my favourite venue I’ve seen an artist perform.

Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s or Roti?

Roti! Specifically, my Nannie’s roti! My mom is Canadian born but my Nannie (Grandma) is from Guyana and my Papa (Grandpa) is from Trinidad. Whenever I go to their house she always makes roti. So definitely roti!

Where can we follow you?

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | Tik Tok