“A Day In The Life” with Producer and Writer Catherine Fogarty

Catherine never sits still. Her unending curiosity, thirst for knowledge and pursuit of the untold fuels this passionate storyteller. If you have the chance to meet this beautiful, humble, articulate and generous redheaded mother of two, you would not guess the almost intimidating array of accomplishments on her resume.

Catherine has four university degrees and is the producer of multiple successful television series. She is a documentary film maker, a published author and entrepreneur.

Most recently Catherine emerged as the producer, writer and voice of one of the most addictive true crime podcast series you’ll come across. I think all those Dateline episodes she’s watched have had a lasting impact.

Catherine’s other passion is animals. She’s been surrounded by them all her life and we currently share our house with four dogs. I think she would have more if she could!

Catherine, like her Irish father, is a voracious reader (one of the few times she actually sits still). Once she sat still long enough that I somehow managed to put a ring on it! …best decision of my life. If one is to be cooped up with someone during an endless pandemic, you can do no better than have a companion whose wit, stories and endless motion will keep you happy, healthy and sane.

As I write this, Catherine is running to prepare for her next half marathon… and I guarantee another story or project is brewing in her mind.

-Written by her husband, Oliver Borgers

My husband and I in London in Dec 2019.
This is me at The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. California’s largest book store
This is me at the launch of Love It or List It Australia. I always joke that I flew all the way to Sydney for a party!
This is me at my office welcoming a new staff member! We are a dog friendly workplace.


This is me graduating from the MFA program in Creative Non Fiction writing at Kings College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
This is me hiking in Runyon Cannon, Los Angeles with my Chihuahua Lily on board.
Enjoying a quiet night at home.


Which hood are you in?

South Rosedale.

What do you do?

I own a television production company and a podcasting company. Since the pandemic I have been writing and producing a true crime podcast that focuses on some fascinating historical Canadian crimes and criminals.

What are you currently working on?

I have my first book coming out this month. It’s called Murder on the Inside and it’s about the 1971 Kingston Penitentiary riot and it’s deadly aftermath. It’s part true crime, and part social and political history. It took me four years to research and write.

Where can we find your work?

My book, Murder on the Inside is currently available at any bookseller and online. And you can find my latest podcast (a three-part about a famous fugitive) at www.storyhunterpodcasts.com