“A Day In The Life” with Writer, Actor and Producer Amanda Joy

​It’s right there in her name, Amanda Joy is an absolute joy! Whether you’re working with her in a writers room or on set as an actor or taking in her work as a viewer you can’t help but smile at all she does. The stories she tells are equal parts authentic, bold and hilarious. She has the amazing ability of pinpointing parts of life and society that she disagrees with and presenting them with both humour and intelligence. Putting these observations through her fresh, funny lens allows her to not only engage and entertain but actually open the minds of her audience. That skill is a huge reason why she’s quickly become one of the most in-demand Canadian artists in the game!

Her writing has been featured on The Beaverton, CBC’s TallBoyz and of course OMNI’s groundbreaking and CSA nominated series, Second Jen, which she co-created with Samantha Wan. As an actor she’s appeared as a series lead in all three seasons of Second Jen as well as V-Wars, It’s Complicated, eHero, Private Eyes and many more.

It’s rare to meet someone who can casually and confidently toss out knowledge of 18th century naval battles and then drop 9-14 references to the IT Crowd but oh Amanda can! She can also shoot a bow and arrow AND she’s a classically trained singer AND she can deadlift like a bunch of pounds- this woman is a powerhouse in every meaning of the word!

She pushes herself and those around her to tell challenging stories and make sure those stories are being told authentically. Her advocacy for inclusion and diversity in the entrainment industry is truly inspiring.

She also wrote a joke that made me laugh for six straight minutes. Watch season 3 of Second Jen to hear that joke- it’s very funny.

~ Written by Carly Heffernan (Second Jen Showrunner and pal)

Amanda Joy
Depending on what I’m working on, I tend to write partially on the computer, and partially in my notebook. Because working during lockdown can feel like an amorphous blob of time, I set alarms on my phone to keep on-schedule, and write detailed to-do lists to stay on top of tasks. The latter helps me– not just with making my deliverables and meeting personal obligations, but also with reminding me that I’m getting stuff done. Mentally, it helps a lot, especially when the days feel like they’re running together.
Amanda Joy
During lockdown, things like table reads and writing rooms have moved to virtual spaces. Sometimes it’s awkward– like when you lag midway through a joke. But everyone’s become more used to it. And there are lots of cat and dog cameos to keep things interesting!
Amanda Joy
Nowadays, we actors audition via zoom or pre-recorded tape. Because we can’t have someone over to read the other characters’ lines, we video call each other (yep, that’s my hot pink laptop on frame left). There’s a real collaborative aspect to the acting community that I’ve always loved, and it’s cool how we’ve now brought it to this digital space; sometimes you read for others, sometimes they read for you.
Amanda Joy
For voice auditions I use a different setup. It being Toronto, it’s always a challenge to get a recording without a subtle chorus of pigeons in the background.
When it’s not too cold, I try to get some exercise outside. I’ve noticed more people
walking since lockdown, which is kind of nice. I’ve been able to meet my neighbours-
albeit from a distance. More excitingly, I’ve been able to meet their dogs! Sadly, also
from a distance…
Amanda Joy
After work, I try to find things to do at home. My plants have received a considerable amount of attention since the lockdown started. I try not to let them get too spoiled.
Amanda Joy
Speaking of spoiled… my cat, Gizmo, gets a fair chunk of my day as well. You can see her here on one of the shelves put up especially for her. Because she’s an indoor cat in an apartment, she needs vertical space to climb and jump. Since she’s pretty lazy, sometimes I have to motivate her to go up there with little treats (she’s getting the last of her favourite dried fishies here).
Amanda Joy
I love to cook, and tend to meal-prep, doing the once-weekly recommended shopping trip, then reusing bits of dishes throughout the week. Since no one can meet up for dinner now, my friend and I send each other photos of what we cook every day as a way of keeping in touch.
Amanda Joy
I debated putting this in, but in the end, I thought it would be dishonest to do a day in the life pretending I’m in a 100% productive mood all the time. Some days are harder than others, and there are definitely times when it takes a lot more effort to get going. I think a lot of us have days where we feel like we’re just holding it together. A lot of us have mornings where we want to do mean things to our alarm clocks.


“Well, a day in the life this year is quite different from other years. Since wrapping a show in January, I’ve been lucky enough to work from home. I like life at a quiet pace, so it’s been an easier adjustment for me. That being said, especially as the weather’s gotten colder, even I’ve been feeling a bit cooped up. Still, I know I’m quite privileged, and many frontline and essential workers don’t have the option of working from home, so I make the best of it.”

Amanda Joy


Which ‘hood are you in?

I’ve lived all over the city, but currently live in North Scarborough. I grew up around here, so it feels like home, and it’s close to my family. I love the parks, and the variety of groceries and restaurants run by people from all over the world.

What do you do?

I’m an actor, screenwriter, and producer.

What are you currently working on?

Second Jen, the show I co-created and star in, has just had its season three premiere, so I’m doing a lot of promo for that. I’ve also just wrapped two shows I’m quite proud of, that will be airing later this year.

Where can we find your work?

You can watch Second Jen’s new season at omnitv.ca. It’s shot and set in Toronto, so I’m so excited for other TO locals to watch it!