“A Day In The Life” with Marie & Chrissy from Alt.Pop.Repeat Podcast

Hailing from Canada’s East Coast, Marie Nicola moved to Toronto to pursue opera before she launched and created the first ever live streaming talk show called “Nat & Marie.” Now she is a digital producer at CBC by day and a culturally curious podcasting sweetheart by night. From a small town outside Kitchener Chrissy Newton moved to the big city to pursue and kick start her career in public relations. Now Chrissy is the proud owner of an award winning PR agency called VOCAB Communications, along with being a news and technology host on a popular science, technology and defence website called ​The Debrief. ​ With an eye on the cosmos, it is the world beyond our own has always been a fascination for Chrissy.

Currently, Chrissy and Marie are the masterminds behind the Alt.Pop.Repeat​ (APR) podcast. In early 2019 the co-hosts found themselves talking about how counterculture and subcultures have become pop culture and just like that the idea for Alt.Pop.Repeat was born! Combining their passion for culture and connecting with people some of the topics covered in the show are but not limited to punk, Cannabis, #MeToo, Yoga, Hip-hop, UFO’s and spirituality. Chrissy and Marie are making waves through the podcast industry and have now launched ​Season 2​ on Dash Radio and all streaming platforms. From notable celebrities like DMC from Run-DMC, Tommy Chong, Coolio and Bif Naked, to expert interviews with Dr.Jennifer Freed and Faith Hunter, APR continues ​to dive into pop culture trends and counterculture worlds with their guests and discuss how both perceptions are so closely synced.

Marie – Another day in quarantine… I wake up reluctantly embracing the harsh light of working from home.
Marie – Conference calls & zoom hangouts in my makeshift office…
TV break and snacks. One recording days this also doubles as last minute research.
The Bubble Record – Chrissy and I connect and sit and record the intro and sync to our show before calling it a night! We’re basically the only people we see besides our parents. Prioritizing our show and our friendship!
Chrissy – I’m going to add some pictures from BC (before COVID). When I’m not working on the podcast, PR or creating videos for the Debrief, you can find me traveling. This photo was taken at Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
Chrissy – getting outdoors and going snowshoeing with friends to get active. I’m more of a summer gal myself but this was a really fun day with my good friend Shanna at Hamiton’s Devil Punch Bowl.
Chrissy – In the summer you can find Beethovan (a.k.a Bee) and I on the water Kayaking. Yes, he has his own duckie boat.
Chrissy – BC (before COVID) going out to events with friends.


Which ‘hood are you in?

CN: ​I recently moved from the west end to now becoming an east end city gal. I bought a house in Corktown and am happy to say I own a little history of the city.

MN:​ Bloor West.

What do you do?

CN: ​I do a few things. For the past 11 years, I’ve owned a PR agency in Toronto called ​VOCAB Communications ​where we work with music, film & television, entertainment, lifestyle, not-for-profit and consumer brands. Over the past few years, I’ve been grateful to work on projects with CBC Gem, ViacomCBS, Sean Kingston, Microsoft, Nicki Minaj, Rexall, Bruce Willis, Columbia Sportswear and so many more. I also co-host and co-produce a podcast called ​Alt.Pop.Repeat​ on ​Dash Radio​ in the US (Fridays at noon PST/ 3PM EST and Saturdays at 8PM PST/ 11PM EST). Marie and I speak to the turning point moments in history where counterculture and subcultures become pop culture and intervew celebrities and experts to speak to those catalysis moments. After the interview Marie and I then dive deep into the topic, discussing when and where those moments happened by using the concept of something we call a “sync”. Guests we’ve had on the show to date are Coolio, DMC from Run-DMC, Trinity the tuck Taylor from Drag Race, Tommy Chong, Faith Hunter and so many more.
When I’m not podcasting or doing PR, you can find me hosting a show on a science, tech and defense website called ​The Debrief ​where I talk about everything tech based each Friday at 1p.m. EST.
When I’m not doing any of the above you can find me watching Joe Rogan and reading everything and anything on UFO’s.

MN:​ ​Currently I’m a producer at CBC Olympics. I work with a small 3 person team redefining the content possibilities around sports leading into and during the Olympic Games. I am bringing my data led approach to support the development of this new division, as well as my cultural understanding of digital trends to ideate online adaptations of the broadcast segments. I joke and say I’m a robot. But outside of that I co-produce & host alt.pop.repeat alongside Chrissy as well as manage the website, write articles, create and post social content and interact as the show. It’s really exciting to be able to continue the exploration of pop culture topics through the lens of how it’s relevant to our lives – and pop culture is so often overlooked that we dismiss it as not having a broader culture context and that simply is not true. It’s a really rich well to dive into!

What are you currently working on?

CN: ​I’m working on a few things but out of all my current projects, I’m enjoying a new TV project I’m involved in. I love working with the Muse Entertainment, CBC Gem and Paramount+ teams as it’s such a collaborative community while working alongside some of the best in their fields in North America. The show is called “For

Heaven’s Sake” and based around the oldest cold case story in Canadian history. I really suggest checking it out.

MN​:​ T​his morning at 6am I was on an urgent call with my parents assisting them with getting their computer camera working, my father was on a social call with his University mates. It appears the issue was the camera slider cover was closed. It was a very harrowing moment for all of us. But we made it through #inittogether Otherwise, CBC Olympics & altpoprepeat.com. I’m kind of a 2-trick pony at the moment. I’m writing a piece for alt.pop.repeat on the origins of Clubhouse before I get into an article on the contributions of psychedelic drugs to pop culture.  Besides that I’m also working my way through the #75Hard challenge, Wandavision, RuPaul (UK & Season 13), American Gods and a box of FarmBoy Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies.

Where can we find your work?

CN: ​You can find my work in many places. For my PR work, you can go to vocabcommunications.com​, for Alt.Pop.Repeat you can head over to altpoprepeat.com​ or find us on all streaming platforms and on Dash Radio. For my tech videos, you can visit the ​Debrief.org​ or go to their ​YouTube channel​ and subscribe.  Last by not least, you can follow me on all social media platforms at @missvocab or on Facebook and Clubhouse as Chrissy Newton.

MN: ​You can see my work at ​cbcsports.ca​ & ​altpoprepeat.com​ and you can follow me on my personal social media accounts at @karmacake on Instagram/Facebook/Clubhouse and @karmacakedotca on Twitter.