“A Day in the Life” with Toronto soprano Xin Wang

Xin Wang, soprano, is one of my favourite people around. She is down-to-earth, funny and fierce, and she is passionate about food, family and contemporary music – what more could you want in a friend and colleague?

Xin and I met singing in Midnight Court by Ana Sokolovic with Queen of Puddings Music Theatre – she was a fairy and I was her Queen. We will always be connected by the fact that we both got pregnant during that contract of Midnight Court in Toronto in 2005, so her daughter, Sophia, and my daughter, Phoibe, were born just a couple of weeks apart. Since then, we’ve worked together many times over the years, usually doing some crazy contemporary music project – something we both love to do. When we’re not singing together, you will often find me sitting at Xin’s table enjoying her delicious cooking and getting her unique perspective on life. Xin is not only a talented performer, but she is also a wonderful teacher – I’ve seen her commitment and care with her students and how they adore her.

I am always impressed with Xin’s genuine warmth, care and directness as a person, and her passion and talent as a performer. I am so happy to know her, I always enjoy working with her and I am lucky enough to call her my friend.

– Written by Krisztina Szabo

Xin Wang - 2019 Beijing International New Music Festival, solo Recital.
Xin Wang – 2019 Beijing International New Music Festival, solo Recital.
Xin Wang - With my Cane Corso
Xin Wang – With my Cane Corso
Xin Wang - Wallace and I
Xin Wang – Wallace and I
Sophia and I
Sophia and I

Reading with Alban at bed time

Random daily me
Random daily me
Xin Wang - Hosokawa Opera The Maiden by the Sea 2019
Xin Wang – Hosokawa Opera The Maiden by the Sea 2019
Xin Wang - Adelaide and I
Xin Wang – Adelaide and I

What ‘hood are you in?

I live in Harbord village. My husband teaches at the university. It made sense for us to live close to his work when we have young children.

What do you do?

I do because I am…

I am a mother of four. I do a lot for them.

Sophia is 14, absent minded with a straight at you, dry sense of humour.

Alban is 8, vocally expressive and utterly obsessed with creatures of the land, sky and sea.

Adelaide is 6, superhero / daredevil who insists to be a princess as well.

And Solo is 3, an Italian mastiff who is a total momma’s boy and does not get along with most dogs or humans.

I am a teacher with 20 or so mature students who are the bravest, most generous people taking risks weekly to bring freedom to their singing voice and spirit.

I am a motivated performer and a passionate musician who loves redefining myself in each work I learn.

I am a wife, but that part thankfully is very low maintenance!

What are you currently working on?

My very short term work:

Other than Creating a dragon fish costume with bio luminescent features….

I am Internalizing and memorizing Ana Sokolovic’s Love Songs

I am also reading about and practising constantly Alexander technique, searching and discovering new ways for myself to be free and easy.

Where can we find your work?

My work is exhibited in four places:

My kitchen where I do all my short term creative projects which also nourish the family

My spunky and healthy children

My teaching studio where I work with my students finding a freer way to make sound

The stage where I put my artistic findings to use. Specifically Love Songs, which can be viewed on YouTube on November 28th and beyond for a limited time.



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