Help Kate the Cat Find the Perfect Toronto Home!

Kate is a homebody who likes naps, laser pointers, and laying on the floor while the cooking channel is on. Quiet, shy, and affectionate when she wants to be, Kate is an independent, routine-oriented foodie who has accumulated more library fines than she is willing to admit. She is looking for some humans who appreciate personal space, quiet time, and the importance of having a chair to call your own.

Kate is one of those gals who lives life on her terms. No-one else’s. No humans, and ESPECIALLY no cats. Sure, when you come home from work, she’ll be all over you. You’ll get about 5 solid minutes of the best leg rubs, head butts, and purr music you’ve ever had. But then, done. Finito. She’s had her fill. It was good while it lasted, but she’s on to new things. Window watching, naps in her favourite chair (HER chair), and grooming her beautiful coat. Important stuff!

Kate is, deep down, a really sweet and affectionate girl. It just has to be on her terms. When she’s feeling cute, she might surprise you with a snuggle, and even, if you’re lucky, let you pick her up for a quick hug. She would be great for somebody who loves cats, but isn’t necessarily looking for a LAP cat. Someone who appreciates and understands the importance of purrsonal space and nap time.

Kate would thrive in a quiet, detailed-oriented home with lots of chairs for her to choose from. She’s a curious girl, and loves meeting new people from a good safe distance. But she isn’t really into kids. They’re too touchy and don’t quite get her need for space. She would do best in a mature home without young children or other pets.

Kate also wants you to know that she takes morning medicine for her tummy issues. No need to worry, our staff will provide you with all the support you’ll need when it comes to her medicine. Kate just hopes that she’ll have an extra-large, uncovered litter box that’s super clean at her home.

She would be the perfect companion for those who love to kick back with a good read and a glass of wine. Someone who will appreciate Kate’s beauty from afar, and appreciate it even more when Kate decides it’s time to give you a quick nose kiss.

Kate is currently living with an amazing foster parent. For more information on her, please contact us at



Breed: Domestic Longhair, Mix
Age: 7 years
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Colour: White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: Front paws


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