“A Day in the Life” with choreographer and performer Caroline ‘Lady C’ Fraser

Multifaceted, captivating, a woman of strength and presence, Caroline ‘Lady C’ Fraser is known around the world as a ‘Queen’ of Street Style Dance.

Her humble beginnings in Calgary, Alberta, did not hinder her success and respect in the global Hip Hop community as a true representative of the culture and a highly skilled technician. She is mostly known for her versatility and is one of only a handful of people in the world that can seamlessly cross over 4 or 5 dance styles at a high level and without compromising the form and essence.

Lady C is a force to be reckoned with on the battle floor and has earned herself a reputation to take down the toughest competitors, although you wouldn’t know it by her inviting and calm demeanor on stage or in the community. As a performer and choreographer her work is masterful and complex and oozes with musicality and soul.

Just as her name reaches far in the dance world, she also holds it down in the world of music. As a singer, Lady C’s voice is just as breathtaking as her dancing… soulful and sultry with lyrical content that opens the mind and touches the heart. Multiple chart-topping releases and rave reviews from top DJs and curators, her music is on a fast-moving forward trajectory. You will hear her music on the radio or at international events including Juste Debout Paris, one of the biggest Street Dance competitions in the world!

A unique artist of our time and a woman that stands with integrity in her art, Lady C’s heart and soul shine through to reach audiences across the globe. 

Caroline "Lady C" Fraser!
Battling France on the Canadian Team for Keep On Dancing World Cup in Los Angeles.
Caroline "Lady C" Fraser!
Teaching at Breakdance Project Uganda in Kampala, Uganda. This organization is a Ugandan born Hip Hop outreach org dedicated to enriching the lives of youth through Hip Hop arts. Sharing knowledge and passing on these dances is one of my passions. There is a story to be told with every Street Style dance that goes beyond the movement and into personal, historical, political, and social landscapes so I feel a great deal of responsibility to tell those stories from the past when I teach and to listen to the stories of this generation as well.
Caroline "Lady C" Fraser!
Singing and performing alongside my music partner Cody “Coflo” Ferreira in Oakland, California. We started as crew mates in a dance crew called Soul Shifters based out of the Bay Area. Our love and understanding of dance music brought us together and we started to release music on Cody’s own label Catch the Ghost Records. Music by dancers, for dancers!
Caroline "Lady C" Fraser!
Battling at Juste Debout Paris at Bercy Stadium. This is one of the biggest Street Dance events in the world and my dance partner Marc “Scramblelock” Saucalauskas and I were honoured to represent all of North America in the Locking category.
Caroline "Lady C" Fraser!
Performing with Holla Jazz in FLOOR’D, choreographed by Natasha Powell and premiered in April 2018.  We went on to be nominated for three Dora Awards and took home the award for Outstanding Performance, Ensemble! We were…well, floor’d!
Caroline Fraser
Judging the Popping category at a battle called Ladies of Hip Hop in NYC. This battle is organized by women, with female judges, DJs, Choreographers and all female competitors for the battle. Some FIERCE competition!
Caroline Fraser
Dancing at the club! A big part of the culture of Street Dance and Hip Hop is the social atmosphere that it was incubated in. I got into a lot of this stuff the same way many of our pioneers did back in the 70s and 80s…at the club!
Caroline "Lady C" Fraser
Battling my student Kosi Eze at UNITY Charity festival in Toronto.
Caroline Fraser
On set choreographing a music video.
Caroline Fraser
Hanging with my siblings! I come from a crazy family of artists and characters…my sister is a professional contemporary dancer, my other sister a photographer, my brother a stunt man in the film industry, and my brother-in-law a musician. My parents (not pictured here) are both artists as well. These people are the first to ever inspire me and encourage me to go for my dream of being an artist and they are all hilarious!


What hood are you in? 

I live near Bloor & Ossington in the west

What do you do?

I am a full-time professional street dancer, choreographer, teacher, and performer. I also have a parallel career in music as a singer/songwriter on Catch the Ghost Records based out of California.

What are you currently working on?

I am in the creation process for my commissioned work for Fall for Dance North 2019 called Conversation. I also am working on my first full-length solo album with California producer Cody “Coflo” Ferreira.

Where can we find your work?

You can find most of my work both with dance and music on my social media.

Website | Instagram | YouTube |

Spotify/iTunes/Google Play: Lady C


Lady C will be presenting a 20 minute Street Dance piece, entitled  ‘Conversation’, at Fall for Dance North 2019, October 4 and 5, as part of Program 2 at Meridian Hall (formerly the Sony Centre).
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