Most curious films at the Hot Docs Film Festival 2019

As fans of documentaries, it’s intriguing to learn about what, and who, inspires filmmakers. Some films go head-on, with topics that are current and deeply moving. Then, there are some that catch our attention and curiosity. Here are a few that will be screening at the upcoming Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival – April 25 to May 5, 2019.

Most curious films at the Hot Docs Film Festival 2019

Well Groomed:  Directed by Rebecca Stern. USA. International Premiere.

If you think the Westminster Kennel Show is competitive, then wait till you check out the groomers. Creative canine grooming transforms the everyday pooch into walking works of art…or something. We honestly don’t know what to make of this.

Hot Docs Film Festival 2019

Mr. Toilet: The World’s #2 Man: Directed by Lily Zepeda. USA. World Premiere

60 year old Singaporean Jack Sim aka Mr. Toilet is an unlikely hero in the global sanitation crisis. Cutting through cultural taboos he’s on a mission to bring awareness to the improper sanitations issues including those in India where access is not only limited but unsafe.

Backstage Action: Directed by Sanaz Azari. Belgium. North American Premiere

They are the ones who fill the background of scenes. The “extras” who are hired for film and tv work. Follow what a day in a life is like. They are more than a backdrop.

Hot Docs Film Festival 2019

Who Let The Dogs Out: Directed by Ben Hodge. Canada. Canadian Premiere

Artist and curator Ben Sisto travels the world and asks the question Who, who, who, who let the dogs out? Yes, that infamous question in one of the catchiest songs of our time.  And to his surprise many lay claim to being the first.

Hot Docs Film Festival 2019

Life in Miniatures: Directed by Ellen Evans. UK. Canadian Premiere (Short)

Artist Kath Holden creates miniatures of everyday objects. From hair dryers to cameras, her zoned in eye  for the literally the tiniest of details has carved her a special place in the world.

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