“Five Minutes with” Brass Funk band My Son The Hurricane

My Son the Hurricane is a multi horn, multi drummer, multi singer brass funk beast. No dance floor is safe.

“Buzz-worthy” doesn’t even begin to describe the latest cross Canada tour from perennial festival headliners and dance floor shakers My Son the Hurricane. The brasshop funk beast will be touring across the United States and Canada in 2019

Hurricane has been featured on CBC Radio One, Much More Music, Exclaim!, Edge 102.1, Indie 88, and 97.7 HTZ-FM, as well as having collaborated with U.S.S., Pocket Dwellers and three time Juno/Polaris nominee D-Sisive. The newest album, “Is This What You Want?!”, recorded at Phase One Studios in Toronto with Jeff Pelletier (Tokyo Police Club, Big Sugar, Young Empires), enjoyed months on the national Campus & Community radio charts, and has been called “masterfully played, arranged and produced” (Canadian Beats). During the band 2018 cross Canada tour, Hurricane amazed audiences, incited dance floors and showed off a truly one-of-a-kind stage show that has been featured at such festivals as: Wapiti, Riverfest Elora, Evolve, Hillside, Kispiox Valley Music Fest, Messtival, Beaches Jazz Festival, Summerfolk, Peterborough Folk Festival, and many more, establishing Hurricane as “a group of fun, professional artists that really know how to bring the party.” (Jeremie Boudreau, Messtival).

My Son the Hurricane

Name: My Son The Hurricane

Genre: Brass Funk

Founded: 2010

# of Albums: 3

Latest Release: Ride the Bullet

Latest Single: Birthday Cake

Latest Video: Smile

Favourite Restaurant:

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: King’s Tacos.

Kaelin Murphy: Kenton Ramen

Favourite band as a teenager:

Philip Tiberius Skladowski:

Alex Duncan: Streetlight Manifesto

Kaelin Murphy: The Sun Ra Arkestra… and maybe a bit younger was either the Beatles or Black Sabbath.

Favourite band now:

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: Snarky puppy, Emefe.

Alex Duncan: Toro y Moi

Kaelin Murphy: Ambrose Akinmusire’s Quartet

Guilty Pleasure Song:

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: Louis Cole – when you’re ugly

Alex Duncan: Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun

Kaelin Murphy: Anything by CHON, probably.

Live Show Ritual:

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: stretching… Have you seen what hangs off my neck while doing choreography?

Alex Duncan: Just trying to get a good view!!

Kaelin Murphy: Have a cup of coffee way too late in the day to have coffee

Favourite local artist:

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: Shahi Teruko, Claire Doyle, Michelle Willis.

Alex Duncan: Arkells

Kaelin Murphy: ART the Band

Sneaky Dees nachos, pasta from Terroni or a superfood salad from Fresh?

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: Doing kept and IF, so I make friends with salad – so long as there’s more than just veggies on the plate.

Alex Duncan: Sneaky Dees nachos!

Kaelin Murphy: It’s tough, I like all of them for different reasons, but I’m feeling the salad right now.

Queen or College St?

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: Queen.

Alex Duncan: Queen

Trinity Bellwoods or High Park, Riverdale or Kew Gardens?

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: Gotta rep my old good of high park.

Alex Duncan: High Park

Queen’s where it’s at for me!

EP or LP?

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: EP. Make it good. give people a taste. leave them wanting more.

Alex Duncan: LP

Kaelin Murphy: LP

My Son the Hurricane
Philip Tiberius Skladowski – My Son the Hurricane

Early bird or night owl?

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: Night owl, though life sometimes forces me to also be an early bird.

Alex Duncan: Night owl

Kaelin Murphy: Night owl, real jazz hours.

Road or studio?

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: Canadian road travel is 4 hours of driving between gigs minimum. In a van with mostly dudes. I’ll take the studio.

Alex Duncan: I would rather perform on the road, but I love being in the studio too in a different way!

Kaelin Murphy: The road is so much more fun, taking musical risks and letting the show happen! The studio always feels kinda stiff for me, there’s a lot of pressure to get things right haha

Swiss Chalet or Roti?

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: Roti.

Alex Duncan: Swiss

Kaelin Murphy: Roti no doubt.

Where can we follow you?

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: @psquibbs on insta

Alex Duncan: IG and Twitter: @AlexDuncanMusic

Kaelin Murphy: On Instagram @kaelin.murphy !

What do you currently want to promote?

Philip Tiberius Skladowski: I want to promote the idea that we all are imperfect creatures that should embrace the humbling process of working on our goals and dreams, rather than hide our mistakes.

Kaelin Murphy: I play around Toronto with lots of people and I’m looking forward to another big touring year with My Son the Hurricane. Follow my Instagram to keep up with what I’m doing!



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