“A Day in the Life” of mixed media artist Alyssa Solitario

Alyssa Solitario is a mixed media artist, based in Toronto, and has experience and skills in film and graphic design. She does digital paintings and illustrations inspired by her interests in youth novels and pop culture.

-Written by Tara Garcia

Alyssa Solitaire - Life on the Line
My desk area which is where I spend a lot of time at, doing assignments and projects.
I have spent long days and nights here.
Alyssa Solitario
A shot of a cork board hanging right above my bed. On it are colour coded cards with all the important due dates for each of my classes as well as a pad of lined paper for daily and weekly to-do lists. This keeps me on track.
Alyssa Solitario
I always start my day of with a cup of coffee in my favourite Women of Marvel mug.
Alyssa Solitario
This is me at my desk working on a current assignment. You’ll often find me this way, working on my laptop or tablet.
Alyssa Solitario
TTC seats. I’m a daily commuter and take the TTC every day to places I need to be at.
Alyssa Solitario
OCAD University, my current place of education.


What ‘hood are you in?

I live in Scarborough.

What do you do?

I am currently a third year Digital Painting and Expanded Animation student. Outside of the school setting, I simply enjoy doing drawings, digital paintings, and illustrations of different things that come to mind or things that I am very interested in. I do aspire to be an illustrator and a concept artist for films in the future. I am sort of still trying to find my footing in art and I am simply creating what I enjoy creating, from illustrations based on my favourite shows or books to things that I am thinking and feeling throughout my life.

What are you currently working on?

As I am a student, I am currently working on school projects which varies (from digital paintings to character design and animation). So at the moment, I am not really working on any big personal projects though whenever I have time, I try to create something simply for myself whether it be small, random doodles in my sketchbook.

Where can we find your work?

I post most of my work on Instagram which is @lyssaarts. At the moment my profile is all over the place and like I said before I am still finding my way in art, so this Instagram is a place where I post a lot of different works.

Life on the Line, a public art project will be exhibited on the Toronto TTC Subway this Winter. 100 posters will be on display from November 19th – January 6th, and all artwork will be available for sale on the TTC Shop website where 80% of all sales will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto’s Holiday Gift Program.




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