Toronto crowned the most romantic city in Canada

Love is in the air, especially if you are living in Toronto.

A recent survey conducted by reveals that not all Canadian cities are equally fluent in the universal language of love.

The study, focusing on the five largest cities in Canada, unveils the citizens of Toronto as the most likely to bring home flowers for Valentine’s Day.

46 % of Torontonians plan to buy flowers for Valentines day

Asking a thousand Canadians each in the five biggest cities if they are planning to buy flowers, the survey concludes that Torontonians are most likely to buy flowers for Valentine’s day.


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Red roses bought by men dominates the sales

As expected, red roses continue to dominate Valentine’s Day flower sales, constituting 73% of all roses sold during this romantic season.

The study also shows that men are the primary purchasers, responsible for about 64% of the purchases. The majority of these red roses are intended for significant others (82%), while the remainder is dedicated to daughters, mothers, friends, and “others”.

Symbolic meaning of roses:

Florists and popular culture suggest that the number of roses given holds different meanings. Some common interpretations include:

  • One red rose: A direct expression of ‘I love you.’
  • Two red roses: Signifying both love and affection, often linked to impending engagement or marriage.
  • Three red roses: A tradition among florists, symbolizing the three little words that mean the most on Valentine’s Day – “I love you.”
  • Ten Red Roses: Representing perfection, expressing that the partner is sheer perfection, a perfect 10.
  • Twelve Red Roses: Traditionally used to show love and commitment throughout the year, expressing love in 12 different ways.
  • One Hundred Roses: Marking a commitment to remain devoted to one another until old age.






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