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With over two decades immersed in the world of gambling, Nick Gough’s expertise is unparalleled. His insights has shaped player experiences, and his unwavering passion for the game is evident in every endeavour. Beyond his expertise, he’s also a genuine and approachable individual. Let’s delve into the mind of Nick Gough, who has spent 20 years mastering the art and science of the gambling world. He is the founder and CEO of, one of the leading Canadian casino guides.

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Q: What are your predictions for the future of online gambling?

A: The online gambling arena will only expand in the years to come. I anticipate a surge in loyalty-focused slot games to retain players. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a slot machine boasting a jaw-dropping 100-million-dollar jackpot in the near future.

Q: Could you elaborate on the trends you, see? What about the growing popularity of live dealer games and mobile gambling?

A: Sure, the live dealer games are here to stay and will for sure continue to grow, as more and more countries legalize online casinos. What could be groundbreaking is seeing live slot machines that players can play online, with the possibility to watch other players playing them. I think it’s just a matter of time before we see it.

Q: What advice would you give to novices entering the online gambling world?

A: Firstly, always be wary of unregulated casinos. This drove me to create, assisting gamblers in avoiding pitfalls I fell into initially. The platform also aims to enhance players’ proficiency in the games. But above all, gamble responsibly by using tips like the ones on

Q: What common mistakes do online gamblers typically make?

A: Many enter the arena assuming they can outsmart the casino, but the reality is that the house almost always has the upper hand. One critical mistake is opting for slots with a low Return to Player (RTP) value. Favouring slots with higher RTPs can elongate playtime and enhance winning chances. We made a helpful list for gamblers with some of the best paying slots; maybe you can link to it before you publish this interview? Here is link.

Q: Yes, I’d be happy to. Nick, can you provide more specific examples?

A: I’d be happy to. For example, some new players might think they can use Card counting to beat the online casino, but it’s not possible: Card counting is a strategy used primarily in land-based casinos to gain an edge in the game of blackjack. However, using card counting in online blackjack is generally ineffective for several reasons:

  1. Random Number Generators (RNGs): Most online blackjack games are powered by RNGs, which means that the cards are shuffled after every hand. This makes each hand independent of the previous one, rendering card counting ineffective.
  2. Automatic Shuffles: Even in online live dealer blackjack games, the shoe (deck of cards) is frequently shuffled, often halfway through, which means a card counter rarely gets to the point where they can capitalize on a count.
  3. Multiple Decks: Online casinos often use multiple decks of cards in blackjack, which complicates the card counting process. While it’s still possible to count cards with multiple decks, the frequent shuffling in online games negates any advantage.
  4. Lack of Depth Penetration: In land-based casinos, card counters gain an advantage when they can play through a lot of the shoe (especially in games with fewer decks) before a shuffle. In online games, especially live dealer ones, the cut card might appear much earlier in the shoe, making card counting less effective.

In summary, while card counting can give players an edge in land-based casinos under the right conditions, the nature of online blackjack, combined with the countermeasures taken by online casinos, makes this strategy ineffective in the online environment.

Another example would be online slots. The difference a few percentage points in the RTP can make is significant difference over time, as illustrated by comparing slots with 90% and 97% RTPs.

The Impact of RTP Percentage Differences:

Let’s consider two different slot machines:

  1. Slot A with an RTP of 90%
  2. Slot B with an RTP of 97%

If you were to play on Slot A, with its 90% RTP, it implies that, over an extended period, for every $100 you wager, you might expect to get back $90. Thus, your expected loss is $10.

On the other hand, with Slot B and its 97% RTP, for every $100 wagered, you’d anticipate getting back $97. That’s an expected loss of only $3.

While a difference of 7% might seem small, over extended play and larger sums of money, this difference becomes significant. If you frequently play slots, choosing games with higher RTPs can mean saving substantial amounts of money in the long run.

Considering Volatility: Another factor to consider is volatility (or variance).

Volatility refers to how frequently and how much a slot pays out. If you prefer high volatility slots, like I do, you can expect fewer regular small wins, but a chance for larger payouts when you do win

Q: How can gamblers shield themselves from potential scams?

A: The key is to stick to regulated online casinos. It’s the first line of defence against fraudulent activities.

Q: Which games hold the limelight in online casinos?

A: Online slots dominate the scene with a plethora of varieties, intriguing bonus rounds, free spins, and jackpots. But live dealer games, especially Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, also command a significant following.

Q: Are there any recent innovative games that caught your eye?

A: Definitely! Games Global & Snowborn Games released “Cat Clans 2 Mad Cats” on 2023-07-25. This slot, with its captivating free spins and high volatility, stands out. Others like “Money Train 4” from Relax Gaming and “Pirots” from Elk Studios also piqued my interest. But for beginners, “Gates of Olympus” from Pragmatic Play remains a timeless favourite.

Q: How can online casinos magnetize and sustain their clientele?

A: The recipe includes effective marketing, establishing affiliate programs, presenting enticing welcome bonuses, and ensuring an elite gaming experience. For player retention, regular bonuses, robust loyalty programs, and gracious treatment, including occasional gifts, work wonders.

Q: What responsible gambling measures should online casinos prioritize?

A: Players should have the autonomy to self-exclude for designated periods. A dedicated guide on responsible gambling, coupled with access to helplines addressing gambling problems, is paramount.

Q: Could you dispel some myths or misconceptions about online gambling?

A: A prevailing myth is that online casinos can manipulate game odds. This is a fallacy. Today, games are sourced from software providers who are under stringent scrutiny from gambling commissions to ensure fair play. However, it’s essential to avoid unregulated casinos or those with questionable regulatory backing.

Q: Any riveting tales from your two decades in this industry?

A: One incident at Intercasino comes to mind. Back when online gambling was nascent and, a hacker managed to exploit the system, skewing the odds. As a result, slots paid out exorbitantly, and I personally netted over 100k! InterCasino had to compensate players millions. However, such breaches are nearly impossible today due to third-party software involvement.

Q: What initiated your journey in the online casino domain?

A: My foray began with, a passion project in 2001. Frustrated with the lack of concrete information on worthwhile casinos and gameplay strategies, I established the site. As the years rolled on, not only did it become my primary source of income, but it also emerged as a beacon for fellow gamblers.

Your insights have deepened my understanding of online casinos, and I’m sure our gambling readers will appreciate this interview.

Nick Gough: It was my pleasure to help. For any readers with follow-up questions, feel free to reach out to me through my profile.

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