Juno Vet Clinic offers a new approach to pet healthcare

When the pandemic hit our city, many people felt it was a good time to bring a new pet into their homes. An ideal situation in many ways as more time at home meant more dedicated time with all of our family members, including the furry ones. But what many faced was the challenge of securing veterinarians and appointments right across our city.

“Pandemic Puppies” popped up everywhere. I can think of at least 10 within a two block radius of my home. Vet offices were challenged with lockdowns and pivoting their businesses the best way they could for our pets as well as their staff. And like many other industries, there were learnings and a few silver linings.

Enter Juno Vet Clinic. Located midtown on Yonge Street just steps from the Summerhill subway station comes a refreshing new approach to veterinary services. It’s uniquely designed tech-enabled veterinary platform maximizes efficiency and reduces the administrative challenges often experienced at vets. Automation, team structure and outsourcing non-pet related duties enable Juno’s team of vet professionals to strictly focus on providing care.

With the city’s first membership-base module ($149 annually), clients have access 24/7 from Juno’s virtual care team of Ontario-based vet technicians, 365 days a year, and same-day or next-day urgent in-person appointments are guaranteed. Additional benefits include quality time with vets and transparent pricing with no sticker shock. Juno Vet clinics provide services including routine check ups, wellness, preventative, dental, surgery, and urgent care. Also, with the membership comes an annual exam (with that you’ve already made up for the membership fee).  If it’s an emergency, a virtual call would also be able to advise next steps offering peace of mind and quick advice from professionals – should you wait? or go to the nearest emergency animal hospital? Having the ability to call and get advice quickly is really helpful — speaking from experience every time we step into an emergency animal hospital was a minimum $300 visit. During covid it was challenge to even get in the door.

The physical space of Juno Vet is also designed with clients and pets in mind. Cozy and comfortable waiting rooms have wood finishes and nature-inspired tones all created by an award-winning design firm. And refreshments are readily available while you wait — for humans and for pets. Examination rooms are equipped with large screens so clients can see pricing and health info in realtime. Beyond the exam rooms is a state of the art treatment and surgery area as well as a dedicated dental care room.

For “pawrents” seeking a vet in the city it’s worth a visit and meet with the staff. PS. be sure to visit the washroom for the pet selfie mirror  — a fun little hidden secret. You can learn more about the space here and keep an eye out for community events held in the space. Follow them on social media to be the first to hear.

Thanks for the tour!



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