Which Essay Writing Companies Are Chosen by Canadian Students

As long as there are students in higher institutions worldwide, there will always be essays to write. This also means that essay writer companies will continue to thrive because many students don’t write their essays alone. 

It’s common practice for Canadian students to outsource their essays to professional writers or writing companies. This allows them to save time and increases their productivity because they get to do two things with the time for one. Also, it reduces their stress and allows them more time to rest. There are several reasons why Canadian students always outsource their assignments to essay writing companies, but the focus of this essay is to discuss some of the companies that they patronize the most. 

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You know you’re doing something right when many students worldwide, including sophisticated Canadian students, determine that you’re their choice company to write their essays. Here’s a list of some of the most highly-rated essay writing companies by Canadian students:

1. SpeedyPapers

This professional essay writing company has been renowned for providing high-quality essays for students for over a decade. This company ensures its writers get the chance to choose from many types of essays, such as research papers, academic papers, dissertations, term papers, projects, etc. In Canada, it’s regarded as one of the finest essay writing services. In addition to writing, it also offers other services like editing and project proposal development, which cater to students without prior experience or knowledge in a particular field or those just starting in that career path. 

2. WritingAPaper.net 

This company also ranks high on Canadian students’ list of writing companies. The proof of the quality they offer is that students only outsource their work to the best college paper writer, and many of the customers at WritingAPaper.net are repeat customers. Students become glued after patronizing this company. Professional writers follow all the requirements and instructions when writing essays and guarantee excellent grades. 

They provide services across all academic levels, including masters and Ph.D., and a standard essay for online lectures summary. Other benefits this company offers are 100% anonymity, safe payment, timely delivery, plagiarism-free essays etc. 

As part of the company’s anti-plagiarism policy, they send plagiarism reports to their customers. You can ask the assigned writer for this or the managers. 

This company provides a special offer for new clients when placing their first order. Apart from their affordable service, first-time customers get a 5% discount with a coupon.  

3. EssayPro

If you need an essay writer pro to work on your essays and college papers, then you should look no further than EssayPro. One of the biggest selling points of this service is that you can get your work done as early as two hours if you get in a tight spot with your deadline. EssayPro offers a 30-day free trial period for new users to check out their services before fully committing to the company. 

There are also several essay writing packages, and you can choose the one that suits what you want best. They also allow you to create a custom essay for a specific subject and use it as a reference for other assignments.

4. Expert writing

Expert writing is another top college essay writing service used by Canadian students. They provide quick turnaround times for students, and the price largely depends on how soon you want to get the work. 

It has a team of more than 500 experienced writers with outstanding writing abilities and excellent academic credentials. Its customer service operates effectively to take your orders and resolve any complaints. Every writer in this organization undergoes a rigorous screening process, which includes competency exams before they’re recognized as specialists in a chosen subject. 

With ExpertWriting, you’re guaranteed customer satisfaction with plagiarism-free essays and the best all-around assistance. 

5. WritingAssignment.net

This writing service allows you to live your life without worrying about writing an essay or the quality of your essay. Allow the professional do the job while you focus on other things. 

This company offers a special coupon which grants a discount on the first order. One of the reasons why this company is highly rated is because of its high level of customer satisfaction. Most customers return after their first patronage because they’re more than satisfied with the service rendered. The writers are highly skilled and qualified and are among the best. 

Some of the services you can get are research papers, dissertations, essays, college papers, case studies, speech writing, etc. There are also several benefits, such as high-quality and unique essays, guaranteed high grades, a full refund policy, etc. 

It also doesn’t take long to go from ordering a paper to owning a high-quality essay and getting a high grade for your academic papers. 


Outsourcing to the best essay writing service is the best way to get your essay done as a student. While many of these companies are in Canada, knowing the best ones that most students patronize is your best bet to get quality essays. 



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