“A Day in the Life” with multidisciplinary artist, Nubian Nene

Born in Montreal and originally from Haiti, Nubian Nene is a seasoned and well-versed artivist.

Her experience and knowledge as a dancer, teacher, judge, competitor and choreographer, lead her to showcase her talents on many different platforms but most importantly to leave her mark in the street/club dance communities worldwide. She is a member of one of the most influential waacking crew “The Chapter” and therefore inspired a lot of people to connect with their identity while carrying the essence of the dance style. The first time I saw her battle, I was inspired and impressed by her confidence and her ability to balance grace and power. Nene is the kind of artist that leaves a lasting impression on you, as one of her talents lies in her ability to connect and reach the audience to the core. Her years of experience travelling and connecting with different communities for dance translates perfectly into her multiple ways of expressing herself artistically. I sense in Néné an unshakeable sense of purpose and hunger for growth, it makes her one of the most inspiring beings to be around, on and off stage. It is an honour for me to share the stage with such an experienced and unique dancer.

Written by Tatiana Desardouin – Dance fellow/Art. Dir. Passion Fruit Dance Company & close friend

Nubian Nene
Bboyizm Rehearsal period Banff February 2022 – By Jerick Collantes
Nubian Nene
I love to walk around town. This is an underpass by the Saskatchewan River in Whitehorse, Yukon March 2022 – By Nubian Néné
Miami Art Basel December 2021 0 By Brie Helmuth Moore
On the road, where I have lived in the last few years, airports, train stations, drives. This is Edmonton airport to Whitehorse in March 2022 while on tour with Bboyizm – By Jerick Collantes
Passion Fruit Dance Co TRAPPED at Prospect Park Bandshell pres by BRIC Brooklyn September 22 by Deb Fong
Passion Fruit Dance Company residency in Catskill, NY for TRAPPED March 21 – Lauriane Ogay
Nubian Nene
Photoshoot for new project with photographer Jerick Collantes, February 2022 – By Queen Sized Flavor
Nubian Nene
September vacation Los Angeles, September 2021 – By Kniin


Which ‘hood are you in?

Born in Montreal, from Haitian parents, living in Brooklyn, NY.

What do you do?

I am a multidisciplinary artist mostly working in dance, playing with visual arts such as collages (analog and digital). I am also a teacher, organizer, mentor, curator, choreographer, adventurer, traveller, seeker of truth, and fighter of what’s just.

What are you currently working on?

Currently touring IN MY BODY with the Bboyizm Dance Company, curating the Meeting Points: cities and scenes project with CCOV (MTL) and TDT (TO), in the creative process with a collective in Montreal with showings in Fall 2022/March 2023. I am organizing my yearly community festival called Waack Bazaar (Summer 2022). I am also a performer in the Passion Fruit Dance Company, based in New York, with set performances of the latest creation TRAPPED for Summer 2022. Lastly, working on a new solo with a possibility to incorporate visual art, such as drawings, collages, graphic designs, light work, writing, set designing, photography, videography with dance, movements, and storytelling. I am very interested in archiving and documenting processes.

Where can we find your work?

My work is not to be found in lots of places, I am an early Generation Y kid, haha, but you can see some of it on my Instagram & Facebook and my website is under construction.



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