The Best Online Poker Players in Canada

If you’re a fan of poker, you’ll know only too well that Canada has produced some of the very best players in the world. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is the sheer popularity of the game there. You can look at any mobile casino Canada and you’ll find that everyone is there to play a hand and develop their strategies. Yes, they may still enjoy the likes of slots and roulette, but nothing beats the thrill of poker with its combination of luck and skill.

We’re going to take a look at some of the most famous poker players to come from Canada. We’ll save the best until last!

Daniel Dvoress – winnings in excess of $15 million

Okay, so our first choice may be a little controversial given that Dvoress was actually born in Russia. That being said, he has been classed as a Canadian since the age of 8 and, given his poker skills, we’re sure that no one is going to want to disown him now.

When looking at Dvoress, his biggest wins have come via the likes of Triton and Partypoker live tournaments. His haul of over $15 million is certainly impressive, to say the least.

Jonathan Duhamel – winnings in excess of $18 million

Should Duhamel never win a single game of poker ever again, he will forever be in the history books as a Canadian poker legend. As the first Canadian to win the World Series of Poker (WSOP) that is a place that is fully deserved and justified.

What’s really impressive when it comes to Duhamel is that he is no one-hit-wonder. There are plenty who take the WSOP and are never seen again. Duhamel has three bracelets to his name and is continually adding to his $18 million prize pot.

Timothy Adams – winnings in excess of $24 million

Adams started to play poker at the age of 18. What perhaps sets him apart from other players is that, for Adams, poker was never about the money. He was always more interested in the challenge: mastering the skills and the strategies of the game. Of course, a nice byproduct of this has been winnings that exceed $24 million!

Million-dollar paydays are hard to come from, but Adams can boast of $3.6 million as being his biggest payday to date. With numerous titles to his name, he may well be heading for the top spot very soon.

Daniel Negreanu – winnings in excess of $43 million

The best Canadian poker player has to be Negreanu. With over $40 million in winnings, almost all that could be written already has been. Aside from amassing a personal fortune, he has contributed to bringing the game to the masses by appearing on shows such as Millionaire Matchmaker.

The success of Negreanu comes from his ability to recognise his weaknesses and then work on them. As his own biggest critic, he works non-stop to raise his game and that is what has made him Canada’s best. 



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