A Message for the Kids: Synthesizers Are Cool

Electronic hardware duo World News have today released ‘A Message for the Kids’, which is the debut music video from their upcoming EP, New Era. Check out the single below and catch them live this weekend at The Baby G in Toronto.

The band’s signature blend of synthesizers, drum machines and vocals are on full display in this single. I can immediately hear influences from Kid A, at least in the tonality of the track with the deep synth tones and swirling vocals.

Bill Cutbill, the lead singer of World News, muses –

“’A Message for the Kids’ is very tongue in cheek, based around the idea that young people have a purity to their thoughts and in certain situations they might actually be better off trusting themselves rather than listening to their parents… depending on the parents of course.

“When we tell kids things, it’s often based on this notion that adults are always right, but now I’ve grown up, finally, that’s pretty obviously a load of bullsh*t. This song has our first ever swear word in the lyrics too, which I enjoy considering its title!”

The video was produced by Danny Alexander and Kalina Nedelcheva, the former known for the ‘No Tickets At The Door’ documentary about the local music scene that World News featured in earlier this year.

The EP, New Era, was mixed at Candle Recording Studios in Toronto by Josh Korody, known for projects Nailbiter and Breeze, which you may have caught live on KEXP recently. This being his first collaboration with World News, we can’t wait to hear the full release which will be arriving to local label Safe Sounds in early 2022.

Catch World News’ live hardware set at The Baby G this Saturday alongside Animal Party, Paulo Sinski Microband and Theo Vandenhoff.


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