Pico the cat is looking for a new home in the Toronto area

Pico comes with free post-adoption support

Little Pico is a shy, sensitive sweetheart in search of some stability and encouragement from his family. He enjoys petting and warms up to his humans with time. He likes to take things slow and doesn’t like the word “commitment”. However, if someone special were to come around, someone who understands him, he might just fall in love. If you value meaningful relationships built over time, Pico might be perfect for you!

Pico needs a little more time to come around than other cats. If he is feeling stressed or scared, he’ll find a spot to hide and tell you to go take a hike. He ain’t afraid to show you a thing or two, neither! He is an introvert in need of a little direction from his humans. With time and patience from you, he will come around and open himself up to affection. Strengthening the bond you two share, watching Pico slowly open himself up to you and the world, will be so fulfilling.

Pico has been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). This means he can only live with other cats if they also have FeLV, and he may have a shorter lifespan than average. He will need a family who can commit to keeping her health in tip-top shape. We will provide you with all the information and support you need to help Pico cope with his anxieties and his health condition.


Age: 7 Years 3 Months
Sex: Male
Size: S
Colour: Brown / White
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No


For Toronto Humane Society’s complete adoption process, please click here to learn more about how you can make this companion, a forever friend!


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Each week we feature animals available for adoption from local shelters in the Toronto area with the hopes that our readers will assist in finding good homes for them. If you, or someone you know, has the resources to take care of one of these animals, please do get in touch with the appropriate shelter via the links provided.



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