Embracing the Holiday Spirit with Traditions

So much has happened this year and while we didn’t expect any of this to last as long as it has, we also didn’t expect new traditions to take shape.

The light at the end of the year has us thinking about the good that has come from all this time spent at home. Now that we’ve DIY’d everything, hung all the lights and baked all the cookies we turn to the great backyard winter wonderland.

Hey, we Canadians won’t let dipping temperatures get in our way! We’re creating our own backyard rinks and re-imagining patio spaces to take in the starry nights.

While we aren’t gathering with our friends and family during the most festive month, we can still find creative ways to connect and not feel so isolated. Winter weather is here and we’re on the hunt for good cheer.


Hello, Beerman!

Save the carrots and top hat for the kids, Beerman is the perfectly imperfect drinking buddy us adults can create, thank you Coors Light for this idea!

Just like the brew that was born in the Rockies, we appreciate (and could really use) that laid-back vibe — he’s that friend we can count on and chill with right now.

Hold my beer, with more snow on its way, this outdoor activity is gonna be on repeat. Grab your toques, woolly mitts, and bundle up! It’s time to embrace Beerman’s holiday spirit.

Needs some tips?

1. Gather the snow and form a body- extra winter pounds are welcomed. Shape a bowl, hands, or pockets to hold things in place. (See step 3)

2. Add some eyes (hockey pucks work but get creative and repurpose anything you find)

3. Add a beer or two to keep chilled for your own festive night out.

If you feel really inspired, add sparkly lights and that extra hockey helmet you might have lying around and make it your own. Who knows? You may even inspire a new tradition in the ‘hood.

If your motto is “less is more”, Coors Organic is just wrapping up a casting call right here in Toronto.

In their Ho Ho H’au Naturale Campaign, locals were invited to answer a Kijiji ad for a chance to surprise their significant other with a cheeky personal holiday card by baring the simplest of necessities — all in good fun, of course!

It reminds us that the greatest gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or come via delivery truck to our doors, but it’s always been right in front of us, naturally.

Like the brand that’s brewed with minimal ingredients, we know that all you need is love and a little inspiration. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s been about appreciating what’s around us….and sometimes less is actually giving a whole lot more.





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