Help Niko the Cat Find the Perfect Home in Toronto!

Niko likes to play hard to get. The best ones always do. He’ll put on his “oh I’m much too shy for that” act, tell you he’s busy, that he’s got things to do. He’ll make you work for his attention. Then, once he has you in his grasp and once he knows he can trust you, you’re his. He’ll be by your side through thick and thin. And he is the best company you could ever ask for. He’s playful and adventurous, daring and caring. Always up for discovering new things and trying out new food. He is never too far away, whether you are cleaning the house or working on your computer.

Niko is a great companion and loves keeping people company. But he isn’t pushy about it. Once he knows what you’re up to, he’ll go off on his own to play and explore. He’s a gentle and (sometimes) timid cat who just loves to run around, play with toys, lounge on the couch or bask in the sunlight.

He is looking for a home with lots of places to lounge about and people-watch. He loves his windows and his sun spots! Because he is a little nervous, he would very much like having a special sanctuary room where he can spend time to collect himself when things get stressful. It is important for him to have a space that he knows is safe.

Niko would thrive in a more relaxed home where he can go at his own pace. Slow and steady with this boy. At the same time, he will need a little extra room to run around and explore. He’s got an active mind and loves to run, jump, and play-play-play. When it’s time to relax, he’ll spend long hours lounging in the sunlight and stargazing in the moonlight. He looks forward to having a forever friend to play with and share tasty treats.

Niko is looking for someone who will be patient with him as he learns to trust. He’s a real fun little guy and very people oriented. But it might take a little bit of time before he comes out of his shell. He is currently living with a foster parent. For more information contact us at



Breed: Domestic Shorthair, Mix
Age: 3 years 10 months
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Colour: Silver
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Declawed: No


In order to ensure a smooth and successful adoption, please remember to check all the basic requirements for adopting before coming in to the shelter.


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