“A Day in the Life” with Toronto mezzo-soprano Lauren Segal

Lauren Segal grew up in Thornhill, Ontario after immigrating to Canada from her native South Africa. A lover of music from an early age, she continued this passion throughout her time studying physics at university, and after two science degrees, moved onto music full time as an opera singer.

She has sung across our beautiful country, as well in Europe and the United States, on both operatic and concert stages. She trained at the Canadian Opera Company’s Ensemble Studio and has returned to the company many times to perform.

When not singing, Lauren can be found hiking in the woods, enjoying her neighbourhood sushi and spending time with family and friends.

Lauren Segal
My view of our wonderful Music Director Michael Shannon in our first music rehearsal for TAP: EX Augmented Opera.
Lauren Segal
My fellow TAP: EX Augmented Opera cast members (Vanessa Oude-Reimerink and Lyndsay Promane) discussing the score with Michael Shannon and our composer Benton Roark.
lauren legal
Our fabulous TAP: EX Augmented Opera co-creaters and co-directors: Debi Wong and Michael Mori. Michael also happens to be the General Director of Tapestry Opera.
Lauren legal
The walk home from rehearsal was quite whiter than expected for a November day…
More snow – it was cold, but beautiful.
Perfect place for a break from rehearsal!
This a publicity photograph from my first production with Tapestry Opera – M’dea Undone. (Photo: Dahlia Katz)
Lauren Segal
A performance still from M’dea Undone with Elishka Roux, who played my son. (Photo: Dahlia Katz)

What ‘hood are you in?

The Annex

What do you do?

I’m an Opera Singer

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on Tapestry Opera’s production of Tap:EX Augmented Opera

Where can we find your work?

Tap:EX Augmented Opera will be performed at Sidewalk Labs from November 20-23. To learn more or purchase tickets, you can visit the website.



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