5 local businesses that bring wellness into the workplace

We could all use a break, mentally and physically, in our daily lives. Sitting on the beach listening to the waves while tending to our chakras is a dream but we all can’t get there. There are many other ways to pause and take care of ourselves and those we care about and yes, even in the office environment.

Companies, big and small, are finding ways to offer workers ways to re-align and recharge during the 9 to 5. Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, here are five local businesses in Toronto that will help bring wellness into the workplace.


For Health’s Sake: This downtown clinic offers registered massage therapists to corporate offices providing much-needed therapy for many common workplace concerns – back pains, shoulder strains, computer neck, carpal tunnel are just to name a few. An onsite massage day helps boosts staff morale, lowers stress and increases brainpower. They also offer onsite chiro and health presentations (lunch & learns) It also saves travel time for staff.

Corporate Canine Therapy: There are many proven benefits of having furry friends around. From reducing anxiety to lowering blood pressure and boosting productivity.  These carefully vetted team of therapy dogs are in high demand for office and schools visits in Toronto and surrounding GTA. Dogs and their handlers stay present and are there for your snuggling needs.

Hoame: The meditation and mindfulness studio was founded by two mental health professionals who were running corporate consulting which lead them to create this community. They offer a variety of speciality wellness workshops including onsite group meditations and sound baths. One of their most popular workshops is “Biohacking” that incorporates the latest techniques in keeping the body and mind sharp, increase productivity and mind function. Includes a talk, as well as a gratitude practice and experiential components.


Fresh City Farms: Have a working lunch or dinner meeting in the office? Instead of your usual go-to sandwich trays and pasta salads, why not a Harvest Your Own Salad Party! This local business delivers a food experience that offers city dwellers the freshest from farm taste to the table. Organic greens and herbs are delivered directly from local farms still in soil. Simply harvest what you will eat. Bring in their resident nutritionist, Dee Buryk for insightful learning on what we eat and how our choices impact our lives, our community and city.

Embiria Creativity Workshops: We often comment about how we don’t have enough time in a day to get to everything we want to. Bullet Journalling may help. The hottest productivity method is a creative and effective way to stay organized. Embiria hosts their popular Bullet Journalling workshops to the public in various venues but can also bring it to the workspace. They also offer personal growth, meditation, soothing watercolour painting and other interesting workshops to bring wellness into the work environment.





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