“A Day in the Life” with Toronto creative Katie Douglas

Katie Douglas has been on-sceen acting from the young age of 6 years old and has always displayed a deep passion for the dramatic arts.

When she wasn’t painting, drawing or making music, Katie grew up in front of the camera, starting off in commercials and guest starring roles and eventually starring in films and television series such as Netflix’s “Spooksville”, “Raising Expectations” (Starring alongside Molly Ringwood and Jason Priestly), USA Network’s”Eyewitness”, Syfy’s “Defiance”, and Global TV’s “Mary Kills People”, along with feature films “Compulsion” (starring Heather Graham and Carrie-Anne Moss), Oreon Picture’s “Every Day”, “Believe Me; The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey and “Level 16”.

Along-side her passion for acting, Katie attends university for Film Studies to fulfill her love for film industry and to one day work behind the camera.

– Written by her mother, Jayne Douglas

katie Douglas
A young Katie Douglas enjoying the beach at her family cottage.
Katie Douglas
A behind the scenes photo of Douglas staying goofy amongst the busy film set life.
Katie Douglas
The family farm and winery in which Katie grew up; “Ridge Road Estate Winery”.
Katie Douglas
More thank anything Katie enjoys nature and being outside, her favourite place being the forest behind her families property.
Katie Douglas
Some recent artwork by Katie Douglas
Katie Douglas
Katie Douglas explores her love for film at Ryerson University where her best friend is a camera.
katie Douglas
Katie Douglas at The Louvre Museum in Paris France indulging in her love for both travel and art.
Katie Douglas
A monitor still from Katie’s recent leading role as Lisa Mcvey in the feature film Believe Me; The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey.


What ‘hood are you in?

I’m living right in the centre of downtown Toronto, close to my school close to the AGO, close to everything! I like the feeling of being alone in all the commotion.

What do you do?

I love making art. I often paint, write music, take pictures and read scripts, but most of the time I’m watching movies with my friends. Or going on destination-less walks!

What are you currently working on? 

I recently finished a feature film shot in Montreal called Thicker Than Water and am currently filming season 3 of Global’s “Mary Kills People”! Excited for all to see, but spoilers of course ?

Where can we find your work?

Level 16, a film that I am very proud of that is directed by the wonderful Danish Esterhazy is making it’s Canada-wide theatrical release on March 15th! Available on Video On Demand and iTunes after that. Check it out in select theatres! You can watch Mary Kills People on Global TV, Lifetime and Hulu. Another recent film of mine called Believe Me; The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey is being played on Lifetime and of course, I’m sure every other thing can be found online if you’re interested!



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