“A Day in the Life” with television and film director Jill Carter

The pale wintry sun is beginning to emerge over Vancouver as my daughter Jill Carter steps out to greet her driver. A grey day but not for her. This day is one of the best. Crew assembled and prepped, blocking worked out, stars and actors ready she’s about to shoot the pilot for “The Murders” the show she is directing..

“Directing” she says, “ is the best job in the world”. She has devoted her life to movie-making and for her directing is the apex of this demanding profession. She’s worked hard to get here, is qualified and experienced. “I’m a visual person and love storytelling. You get to collaborate with many talented people with all the artistic and technical skills needed. It’s rewarding”.

On the way up she has worked for and learned from some of Canada’s most famous Directors such as Denis Villeneuve on a wide range of movies (Enemy, Saint Ralph) and TV shows (Beauty and the Beast, Rookie Blue) in different genres as a script supervisor. Insightful, thoughtful, artistic and creative she has observed what works and what doesn’t. “There are times when its exceedingly difficult but out of these challenging moments sometimes come beautiful happy accidents.”

Though based in Toronto her career has taken her to other places in North America, Europe and the Caribbean. These travels have included movie festivals featuring the short movies she developed and shot. Ambitious to do more she continues to allow her imagination to roam as she networks, dreams and plans what comes next.

As her father it has been a joy to watch Jill navigate these waters.

– David Carter

Jill carter film director
Here is a selfie I took just before I flew out west to start directing ‘The Murders’. I love to travel
so I decided to go to Havana, Cuba for a few days, I had never been. Here I am wandering this
vibrant city and taking a little photographic rest on a bench.
Jill Carter
My dad and I in his kitchen in West Vancouver. Weekend visits were the best while I was prepping and shooting ‘The Murders’.
The three musketeers: Misha Solomon (Co-Ep) Damon Vignale (Creator / Showrunner) and I
sitting in the police station set of ‘The Murders’. I am in the first few days of directing the last
two episodes of the show. We laughed a lot together.
Jill Carter
Damon Vignale stole this shot from the monitor on set as I was talking to Jessica Lucas about
this scene in the season finale of ‘The Murders’. The scene we are discussing is one of my
Jill Carter
My view in the editing room as I work on the last two episodes of the season with my talented
editor Lisa Binkley. She edited all four of my episodes.
Jill Carter
Doing a little interview with the good people (Alison Dore and Arthur Simeon) at The
Breakdown / Canada Talks for SiriusXM Radio. It was my first radio interview and they
made me feel right at home.
Jill Carter
Hanging out with my pal producer Sonya Di Rienzo (Hawkeye Pictures) at my local coffee shop
Ezra’s Pound. We are plotting our next move and how we do it together. I come here often – great
coffee, amazing croissants, friendly staff. It is a nice to spot to read or do some work.
Jill carter
After coffee I often head to Nancy’s Cheese shop a few doors down. They are a small but
friendly shop, they know what I have tried and are always suggesting new things.

What ‘hood are you in?

I live in Belgravia – Eglinton and the Allen area. It is a neighbourhood that is about to really change with the Eglinton crosstown LRT going in. I live in a really cool old 1930’s refurbished loft building. It used to be a yarn factory for a British company originally from the same area in the UK that my father was raised, Yorkshire. It is a great location with a great neighbourhood park right behind my building and easy access to many different locations in the city.

What do you do?

I am a film and television director. I worked on set as a script supervisor for many years before making the leap. I love directing and have been fortunate to work on shows such as ‘Murdoch Mysteries, ‘Private Eyes’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

What are you currently working on?

I just wrapped up working on the new City TV cop drama ‘The Murders’. It was a wonderful experience. I also recently returned from LA where I was taking a bunch of meetings. There are things percolating but a little too early to talk about. In the mean time I am getting back to developing my own television and film projects. I am excited about what the future of 2019 holds.

Where can we find your work?

You can catch ‘The Murders’ on City TV on Monday nights.



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