“A Day in the Life” with Toronto actor Jessica Greco

Jessica Greco has been in this industry for over 20 years in almost every role imaginable. She is a seasoned actor, having studied at The Neighbourhood Playhouse, and starred in 3 CBC primetime series (Riverdale, Northern Town, 11 Cameras) as well as guesting on numerous fan favourite shows (Bomb Girls, People of Earth, Goosebumps, Puppets Who Kill). She’s no stranger to the big screen either; you may have seen her in “The Animal Project”, a festival hit at its world premiere in TIFF 2013, in the Sundance 2016 cult classic “Antibirth”, or you can catch her sharing the screen with Jesse Eisenberg in the upcoming film “The Hummingbird Project” directed by Kim Nguyen.

Jessica’s nothing if not ambitious, and her off screen life is just as busy. She produced the award winning 2016 web series “That’s My DJ” Season 2. She is a celebrated comedy writer/ performer, having co-founded the Canadian Comedy Award nominated sketch troupe, Dame Judy Dench, and co-created the Fringe 2017 smash hit “32 Short Sketch About Bees” which went on to win Second City’s “Outstanding New Comedy” award and the My Theatre award for “Best Comedy Sketch/ Improv”.

All her experience has culminated in the indie darling that is “Jessica Jessica”, with her as co-creator, writer, actor and executive producer. The short film has screened at festivals all over North America, winning “Best Screenplay” at the Vancouver Short Film Festival 2018 and earning an honourable mention for “Best Screenplay” at the WIFT-T Showcase 2018.

Jessica Greco continues to push herself and her art to new and bold places. She creates exciting work with an artistic eye born out of a passion for film and well-told stories.

-Bio by Shannon Lahaie

Jessica Greco
On the UP, headed to Pearson where I’ll meet my friends & fellow Dame Judy Dench sketch comedians for our flight to Philadelphia. But while I sit here, in perfect selfie lighting, I am also sending last minute emails and text messages to the “Jessica Jessica” team who are headed to Ottawa at the same time for a screening.
Jessica Greco
Boarded and blue skies, Philly Sketch Fest bound!!
A little light sightseeing. Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the United States and boasts some gorgeous architecture. City hall is quite the stunner.
Philly also has some amazing public art and apparently I felt like destroying it. Don’t worry, I was not successful.
Watching the live stream of the Canadian Comedy Awards back at the Air Bnb. A show I co-wrote and performed in ( “32 Short Sketches About Bees” ) was nominated for Best Live Production. Moments after this photo was taken we lost. But because I was in Philly I didn’t have to use my “it was an honour just to be nominated” face.
Arrived at the venue for a tech rehearsal before the show tonight. We’re headlining the closing night of the festival, which is being held in an underground music venue. Tonight will be comedy under a black light!
I fell asleep, in my jacket. After tech, before the show.
Back stage with Chris Leveille about to make an entrance, and join Gavin Pounds and Shannon Lahaie on stage for Philly Sketch Fest’s big night!!

What ‘hood are you in?

The Annex. I’ve moved a dozen times, across the country, to other countries, and all over Toronto, but I always end up in the Annex. I’ve had 4 apartments in this neighbourhood over the years. Old houses, old trees, ice rinks in the parks in the winter and farmers markets in the summer. And it has a castle, a real castle!!

What do you do?

I act. Film and TV mostly. I also write and perform sketch comedy with my sketch troupe “Dame Judy Dench”. And I write and produce both web series and short film. I make a mean peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and I’m an excellent babysitter.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment I am travelling with my short film “Jessica Jessica” and promoting it at a series of festivals. We screen in Toronto this week, and next we will be headed to some international festivals. At the same time I’m also writing and developing a web series based on the characters from the short film. And I just found out I’ll be shooting an eps of the new tv series “Jett”, starting next week.

Where can we find your work?

My short film “Jessica Jessica” was at the Breakthroughs film festival, it screened Friday June 15th at the Royal in Toronto. You can see Dame Judy Dench, my sketch troupe, perform on local stages across the GTA. And for a list of my credits that you can stream, channel surf, or are coming to a theatre near you check out my imdb page.



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