Toronto Artist Shannon Leigh

Shannon Leigh is an experimental illustrative painter. Whose contemporary work explores themes of adolescence through escapism and colour warped surrealism.

Shannon studied Fine Arts at Durham College, and received a diploma in Fine Arts: Advanced for Painting. Shannon’s work has been featured in publications for emerging artists, and she currently attends OCADU for Drawing and Painting.


Shannon Leigh
Instead of buying paint palettes Ive been using discarded magazines that were found in the recycling. They are usually quite pretty afterwards and Ive been saving the best ones.
Shannon Leigh
Ive gotten into the habit of saving my favourite stills from movies Ive watched and painting them later, this one’s from Drive.
Shannon Leigh
I like taking day trips to go sketching. This was this past summer down at the Whitby Harbour.
Shannon Leigh
Sometimes taking a tea break is essential. Earl Grey, bag in, black
Shannon Leigh
Nestled in among the easels in the school’s studio modelling a full length view of a wearable piece I did in November.
Shannon Leigh
Hands down my favourite place for food nearby is Karines, super friendly and always delicious.
Shannon Leigh
Packed up and readying to transport my art.


What Neighbourhood Do you live in?

I live in Queen West, on the fringes of Chinatown.

What Do you do and where?

I’m a contemporary artist creating work in primarily acrylic paint. I like to use my work as a method of escapism for both myself and the viewer. I like to think that my work is surreal, using symbolism, and vivid colour pallets to create lush dreamworlds. I am currently in my second year at OCADU so I use the studio space as much as possible.

What are you working on?

I have a few commissioned works that I’m in the middle of completing, cataloguing works and self organization is an endless

Where can we find your work?




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