Old Spice Hosts Content Creators for Exciting Day of Hockey and Pampering

Social media influencers and content creators recently gathered at the Ford Performance Centre, the Leafs training rink, for an event sponsored by Old Spice aimed at promoting their products for men. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in training drills with “Coach Jeremy,” the creator behind the popular How to Hockey social accounts, and even had a friendly game of shinny.

The day began as participants boarded buses from downtown Toronto to the Ford Performance Centre, eager to immerse themselves in a little bit of friendly rivalry with other creators. The event provided an opportunity for participants to connect, engage in physical activities, and experience the thrill of being on the ice. At the arena, guests were treated to duffel bags filled with jerseys, divided into two teams, water bottles, deodorant and other Old Spice products

Players took to the ice where Coach Jeremy ran drills, organized a mini skills competition and then took part in the 4v4 shinny games. Participants’ skills ranged from beginner to advanced, with those at a higher skill level supporting those who were just starting out.

After a day filled with hockey drills and fun, the group made their way back to downtown Toronto, to the Hammam spa. Here, participants were treated to a relaxing massage using various Old Spice products. Amidst the serene environment, conversations flowed freely, allowing attendees to unwind and engage with one another.

Among the attendees was Clive Felice, the creator behind the social media channel “Dads With Attitude”. Known for his humorous and relatable parenting content, Felice shared insights into his creative process and how he navigates the world of social media.

Felice, who started his channel in 2014 after the birth of his daughter, highlighted the importance of authenticity and humour in his content. His channel focuses on the comedic aspects of fatherhood, marriage, and nostalgic moments, resonating with a broad audience of parents and fans of the 80s and 90s.

Reflecting on his experiences as a content creator, Felice expressed gratitude for the support of his followers. Their encouragement has enabled him to collaborate with supportive companies and PR agencies, allowing his channel to grow and thrive.

As the event concluded, Felice shared his plans for expanding his creative endeavours, including the launch of a blog at https://dadswithattitude.com. Through this platform, he aims to offer a fresh perspective on lifestyle vlogs and product reviews while infusing his signature humour and unique storytelling style.

To stay updated on Clive Felice’s comedic and engaging content, follow him on Instagram at @dadswithattitude and on TikTok at @dadswithattitude.

The Old Spice event provided a unique platform for social media influencers, including Clive Felice of “Dads With Attitude,” to come together, connect, and share their experiences. Through engaging in hockey drills, enjoying a game of shinny hockey, and unwinding with relaxing massages using Old Spice products, creators were able to bond over their shared passions and creativity. The event not only facilitated meaningful connections but also highlighted the power of collaboration and community within the digital creator space. As these influencers continue to inspire and entertain their audiences, the camaraderie and support fostered at events like this serve as a reminder of the impact of authentic connections in the ever-evolving world of social media content creation.



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