Formula Fig – Winter Skincare for Your New Year Beauty Goals

At Formula Fig in Toronto, their skincare experts understand the post-holiday mentality individuals have to tweak their skin and body care to achieve New Year’s resolutions like having a dry January, eating healthier, and enhancing physical appearance through exercise and professional cosmetic treatments. 

During the winter months, when self-care resolutions are on everyone’s mind, Formula Fig offers the perfect opportunity to detox your skin from the holidays and enhance your complexion. Supplement your winter skincare routine with rejuvenating treatments such as lymphatic face massage, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, microneedling, and LED light therapy. 

Find out what to expect during a Toronto Formula Fig facial treatment, as Toronto Guardian takes you on a visit to the Fig Bar on Ossington Avenue for a revitalizing All-In Supers Facial to reset the skin with high-tech exfoliation, hydration, and skin lifting. 

Formula Fig - Winter Skincare for Your New Year Beauty Goals

Why is the Winter an Opportune Time for Enhanced Skincare Treatments? 

Winter in Toronto presents a unique opportunity for self-care and robust skincare treatments because it is easier to keep your skin out of the sun for a prolonged period, and the long winter months offer more downtime for the skin’s surface to recover and heal post-treatment.

Cooler temperatures can be beneficial in helping to soothe the skin after facial treatments, decreasing instances of skin redness and temporary inflammation. Additionally, as winter in the GTA is often drier, intensive skin hydrating treatments will help combat the dehydrating effects of outdoor air and indoor heating.

What To Expect: Toronto Fig Bar Beauty Treatment & Recommendations

What makes Formula Fig different? The Fig Bar experience is crafted to optimize every aspect of a professional facial within a 30-minute window. 

The appeal of a 30-minute facial. The Fig skincare treatment model offers a shorter treatment time that is in high demand, especially among busy professionals in Toronto. Thirty-minute face treatments are intentionally designed to provide the same benefits as the more common one-hour facial. 

That said, during the Fig Ossington experience, it never felt rushed. The Skin Educators at Fig are organized and efficient at providing a concise facial treatment. All the Formula Fig treatments are a strategic 30 minutes. 

About the All-In Fig facial experience! From beginning to end it was a satisfying experience. 

Fig has you fill out an online skin assessment and health form before you arrive, making check-in more efficient. The treatment rooms at Ossington Fig Bar have sturdy upright barber chairs that fold back during your treatment, a better fit for a 30-minute turnaround than a treatment bed. 

The All-In facial at Formula Fig is ideal for giving your face a natural glow, and it is recommended for regular skin maintenance. If it’s your first time to Fig Toronto this facial is recommended to get your skin assessed, allowing the Skin Educator to make other FIG facial recommendations that will address any outstanding skin conditions like skin folds, sun damage, skin laxity, or acne for example. 

Formula Fig - Winter Skincare for Your New Year Beauty Goals

This do-it-all facial uses diamond-tip microdermabrasion, microcurrents, LED light therapy, and ultrasound to target skin congestion and dehydration, as well as tighten enlarged pores and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I have to say I was a bit sceptical of how all this would fit inside 30 minutes, but it did! My skin therapist, Dani, was great at staying on time and she explained each step as we went along. Post-treatment she gave me a list of all the products used during my FIG facial, which included Dr. Loretta’s gentle hydrating cleanser, detox tightening mask, and universal glow daily defence mineral SPF (the texture of this light sunscreen was fantastic, love it!), and VENN red oil, lifting mask, and defence mist.  

Good news! You can purchase the skincare products used in your facial at Fig Bar, where they stock treatment products and many more worth discovering (e.g., Toronto-based Margin skincare for men, Toronto candles by Verre Lune, Soke Beauty, and Clean Beauty Ember). From my experience, the pricing for both the facial and skincare products at Fig is not outrageous.

Worth mentioning, my facialist was fully masked during the treatment, and I found the Ossington location to be exceptionally clean and sanitary. 

My complexion looked radiant, lifted, and glowing after the All-In. My friend I met for coffee afterwards remarked that my skin looked fresh and healthy than normal. With instant feedback like that my skepticism was gone! Plus, my face really felt better and cleaner. I would have one of these treatments every month. 

Maximizing Your Fig Facetime with Fig Membership Packages! 

The seasonal transition from winter to spring provides a skincare strategic window for individuals to invest in comprehensive facial treatments and reap the benefits of having more downtime and less sun exposure.

To help you monopolize this window, Formula Fig Bars offers monthly memberships with special pricing and perks (e.g., invites to exclusive skincare events at Fig). The advantage of going with a Fig Bar membership is that you will stay committed to your monthly skincare treatments, all the better to keep you on track to reach your new year beauty goals! 

For 1st timers, you might want to look into the Classic Fig membership to experience a Hydrate + Glow facial every month. For those women and men looking for something more intensive, check out the All Access membership which is personalized with four facials a month plus a flex option. Best to contact Toronto Fig for the full details on all their packages, or see them listed on the Formula Fig website.  

This Winter, Give A Fig About Your Skin! 

Having professional skincare treatments during a Toronto winter will help fortify your skin for spring. Addressing your skin concerns in the cold months ensures a fresh and rejuvenated complexion when the weather begins to warm up.  

Specialized body and skincare treatments in the new year are ideal for relaxing and detoxing the mind and body. If you had a stressful holiday season, then self-care should be on your winter to-do list at Formula Fig Toronto!  

Formula Fig has a couple of Toronto locations, Ossington Avenue and Summerhill, plus three Vancouver Formula Fig Bars if you are getting out to the West Coast this year. 


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