Here’s how to lock-in Pizza Pizza’s new ‘Fixed-Rate’ offer!

To help counter inflation, Pizza Pizza has announced the country’s first “fixed-rate” pizza! Pizza lovers can take advantage of this shiny new deal and lock it down for up to 12 months. The Fixed Rate Pizza offers Canadians the opportunity to secure their pizza pie at $16.99 for an XL four-topping pizza with no price increases – guaranteed!

To apply for the set pricing, all they have to do is visit and answer a form including questions like ‘do you dislike inflation?’ and ‘do you like pizza?’ to get ‘pre-approved’.

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Inflation is on the rise and Canada is no exception. Across the country, grocery and  food prices have increased over 9% year to date.* Supply chain disruptions, as well as higher transportation and distribution costs, continue to drive prices up. In a world of uncertainty, Pizza Pizza wants Canadians to know that a delicious hot and fresh pizza will remain accessible even in challenging times.

So, why now? What motivated Canada’s leading quick-service pizza restaurant to launch this fixed-rate program?

Adrian Fuoco, VP Marketing, Pizza Pizza explains, “our new positioning, ‘Everyone Deserves Pizza’, focuses on the idea that good days or bad, victory celebrations or admissions of abject failures, at some point we all feel a little bit better when there’s pizza. It’s something almost all of us have in common, and Pizza Pizza has been a common element in those experiences over the years.

In this case, a lot of us are definitely concerned with mortgage rates, rent, and cost of living in general, so it’s a timely opportunity to have a bit of fun and get our message out there. In terms of targeting, we have a strong connection with young families & younger customers in general who would be feeling a lot of the brunt from rising inflation rates, making this program all the more relevant for that group.”

It’s a great idea for us consumers but what about the franchisees? What does this mean for them? “Our franchisees are very business-savvy,” said Fuoco. “They understand that when we connect well to our audience and offer great value that still makes sense for their bottom line, they’ll benefit from the increased customer traffic and frequency.” 

He also explains that the sheer scale of Pizza Pizza also gives them the capability to negotiate best-in-class pricing from suppliers and that’s how they can pass those savings onto their customers.

So, how often can you order under this pricing and any restrictions? “Every day if you want- actually that would be great! said Fuoco. “There are no restrictions on how often you can order the Fixed-Rate Pizza deal. It’s an Extra Large 4-topping pizza, so you can customize it however you like.”

We should also mention, while Pizza Pizza’s gluten-free and cauliflower crusts are not available in this XL size, they do have a variety of toppings that cater to anyone interested in plant-based, vegan or dairy-free pizzas.

We were curious, what is Fuoco’s favourite pizza? “There are many, but earlier this summer we launched the Hot Honey Gourmet Thin pizza. That’s my go-to.”


To secure your fixed-rate Pizza Pizza offer and to learn more, link here.

*source: Statistics Canada, Consumer Price Index May 2022.

**How beautiful is my pizza? Ordered through my local Pizza Pizza location. My selected toppings were roasted red peppers, pepperoni, arugula and fresh mushrooms on a regular crust!




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