Chef Nuit and Mazola Unveil New Bottle Designs at Kiin

Toronto’s esteemed Chef Nuit joined forces with Mazola to create an exceptional culinary experience that highlighted Mazola’s renowned cooking oils and introduced their new visually stunning bottle designs. Known for her exceptional culinary skills and restaurants such as Kiin, PAI and SukhoTHAI, Chef Nuit lent her expertise to this partnership, creating mouthwatering dishes using Mazola’s Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, and Corn Oil. Let’s explore the collaboration between Chef Nuit and Mazola and the unveiling of their new bottle designs at the exquisite Kiin.

Mazola Vegetable Oil

A Showcase of Culinary Excellence at Kiin

In a celebration of Mazola’s cooking oils, Chef Nuit hosted an exclusive dinner at her renowned restaurant, Kiin. The event was attended by esteemed guests from the media, who were treated to an unforgettable gastronomic experience that showcased the versatility and quality of Mazola’s oils. Throughout the evening, guests had the pleasure of indulging in a variety of dishes meticulously prepared by Chef Nuit, each expertly crafted using different varieties of Mazola oils.

Chef Nuit: A Culinary Trailblazer

Chef Nuit’s talent and passion for Thai cuisine have made her a prominent figure in the culinary world. Her dedication to authentic flavours and traditional cooking techniques has earned her multiple accolades and a loyal following of food enthusiasts. With her restaurants, including the renowned Kiin, Chef Nuit has brought the vibrant and captivating flavours of Thailand to Toronto’s food scene. Her collaboration with Mazola adds another layer of excellence to her accomplished career.

Mazola’s New Bottle Designs at the Heart of the Collaboration

In addition to the culinary delights, Mazola unveiled its newly redesigned bottle labels at the exclusive dinner. The elegant and striking bottle designs were inspired by Mazola’s commitment to helping home cooks and professional chefs make informed choices in the kitchen. Each bottle features ‘Great For’ recommendations on the front, simplifying the selection process and guiding users towards the ideal oil for their specific culinary adventures. The new bottle designs reflect Mazola’s dedication to excellence and their desire to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

Mazola’s Essential Cooking Oils

Mazola’s oils have long been trusted by home cooks and chefs due to their exceptional quality and neutral flavour profiles. The collaboration with Chef Nuit allowed Mazola to spotlight their signature oils, showcasing their versatility and culinary prowess. Throughout the evening, guests were treated to delectable dishes prepared using Mazola’s Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, and Corn Oil—kitchen essentials that bring out vibrant flavours and ensure cooking success. From everyday cooking to baking and frying, each Mazola oil performed flawlessly under Chef Nuit’s skilled hands.


The collaboration between Chef Nuit and Mazola brought together passion, flavor, and innovation. The exclusive dinner at Kiin served as the perfect platform to showcase Mazola’s newly redesigned bottle labels and highlight the exceptional qualities of their Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, and Corn Oil. Chef Nuit’s culinary expertise and commitment to authenticity added an extra layer of excellence to this remarkable partnership. With Mazola’s new bottle designs, home cooks and chefs alike are guided towards culinary success, while Chef Nuit’s culinary artistry continues to inspire and captivate food enthusiasts.



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