5 technologies that people tend to use the most in 2022

In a world connected by people and networks, technology has a pivotal role in reinventing and revolutionizing how society works. As we are poised for a more digitized future, here are a few technologies that will be most used in 2022. They are all key to solving many of our problems and creating a better, more stable society.

Here are some things you can expect to see:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The implications and uses for artificial intelligence have exploded in recent years, making it one of the few recurring technological trends each year for the past five years at least. With the world getting more interconnected thanks to the internet and the Internet of Things (IoT), security has been a significant concern for many.

Artificial intelligence swoops to solve this problem and has been incorporated by several industries to protect against cyberattacks, safeguard users, and ensure transparency. There have also been niche uses, like in the casino sector, particularly online casinos, including the United States and Canadian dollar casinos. These outfits use AI to monitor user interaction and identify fraud and problematic behaviours before they fester. This way, they ensure responsible and safe gambling without compromising user privacy or using their platform.

2. Computing Power

Computing power won’t slow down in 2022. We can expect a considerable inclination towards previously unreachable technologies with better infrastructures and technology in place. For instance, with 5G already rolled out and in use globally and 6G on the cusp of development, the future is packed with higher computing power for both the internet and the internet of things.

3. 5G technology

Cyber-attacks and data breaches have been somewhat alarming in recent past years and have pushed individuals and businesses to seek security solutions. This explains the recent trend of VPNs and encrypted connections to reduce the risk of losses and damages to data, revenue, and infrastructure.

But that is all about to change. Studies posit that over a billion users will subscribe to the 5G network in 2022 alone. And while 4G might have been good value for its time, especially with video streaming, 5G promises even better value. So think faster speeds (100 times more than 4G) for fast streaming, downloads and uploads, and data transfer.

5G technology will also be helpful for the Internet of Things (IoT), helping to run smart devices more effectively and efficiently. And unlike 4G, these devices can maintain connection without losing reliability, latency, or speed.

4. Datafication

Almost all technological trends and advancements have one thing in common: data. They are made to use, speed up, safeguard, or maintain data. Hence, data is the core of all things technology. And the more digitized the world becomes, the bigger and more valuable data grows.

5. Metaverse

Many businesses have begun investing in their slice of the Metaverse—the virtual worlds where users can interact as avatars with one another and their environment. In some parts, users are privy to obtaining virtual assets on the Blockchain that can be publicly traded as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Even though the infrastructure for such a vast technological undertaking is still being birthed, individuals and businesses are looking forward to the disruption it might cause.



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