“A Day In The Life” with film and television actor and fight choreographer, Chase Lawless

Chase Lawless is an actor and fight choreographer based in Toronto, Ontario, originally from a small town located just outside Calgary, Alberta. Chase’s interest in the arts began in high school where he was cast in a variety of school plays, including Alice in Wonderland where he landed the role of the Mad Hatter. Chase’s interest in fight choreography also began in high school, where he would practice different fight sequences whenever given the chance. Chase completed a film degree from Red Deer College in 2016, then moved to Toronto to pursue his career.

Chase has been featured in Mayor of Kingstown, Letterkenny, the feature films The Apprentice (2022), Bordello (2022), and on multiple short-film projects. He also runs his own self-tape studio called Self Tapes in the Six and choreographed the shows Deadly Murder (Central Alberta Theatre) and Don Giovanni (Opera York).

Family remains important to Chase, despite the distance. Not only did he fly to Victoria, B.C. in 2021 to attend my wedding, he also made time to rehearse and perform live music at the event. He’s always had a creative, outside-the-box personality giving him an edge in making a good impression, which will continue to flourish as he takes on the film industry by storm.

Ciara Cownden-Neave – Sister

Lawless being captured by rockstar photographer Jason Shum during a modelling shoot in the city.
Lawless visiting Central Park in New York; his favourite city. Travel is very important to him.
Chase running his self tape studio, Self Tapes in the Six, with the help of his faithful assistant.
Chase and The Boys (His Father on keyboard and guitar legend David) performing at his sister’s wedding.
At the yearly themed RAW Actors Workshop holiday party, Lawless embraces his inner punk.
Chase Lawless performing some fight choreography he created in a short film.


Which ‘hood are you in?

I used to live downtown at King and Bathurst, but now I live in Eg West.

What do you do?

I am an actor and fight choreographer for film and television.

What are you currently working on?

I just wrapped on Mayor of Kingstown, and am currently in the process of building my portfolio to apply for an O1 Visa, to move to LA.

Where can we find your work?

Letterkenny on CraveTV, Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount Plus, and two feature films having a domestic release later this year. Stay tuned!



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