How to Supplement your Income in 2022 by Getting an Online Job?

A question that is being said a lot of the time is ‘how do I make more money in 2022?’ with the impact of COVID-19 still looming over our heads we can understand that a lot of people are wanting to try and make some more money so that if a situation like that was to occur again, they would be better prepared financially to deal with it.

A misconception that a lot of people get is that you need to spend hours on end earning a second income, the difference between your day job and a ‘side hustle’ is very different. In your day job you are paid for the number of hours that you spend at a company, not for the work that you do. An odd way to look at it but it is true. With a side hustle, if you are committed to the end goal, it is you that dictates how long you spend on working. Some people find a lot of pleasure working long hours on something they love, other find a skill they are good at and use that to boost their income.

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So, what sort of skills could you be using today to help you make more money in 2022:

  • Start a blog, vlog or podcast

Probably one of the most popular that has been found to date, it is incredibly easy to start and usually doesn’t take any money to start up. Some people think they need to invest in fancy laptops, computers, camera equipment or sound to do this, but that isn’t the case. If you have a smartphone, you can simply use that.

Get a YouTube account, a WordPress website or an anchor account and get started today! You could document anything you like, from the best places to visit, to educating people about simple DIY tasks around the home. The great part of being able to do something like this is that you can really do whatever you like, take a moment and go onto YouTube and search anything that you like and there will be one person who is talking about, do the same with Google and you’ll find topics that you may think that no one is going to be interested in but there is someone making extra money from just speaking about something they are passionate about.

  • Get started with online tutoring

You don’t have to be super creative and different to make more money, you can even use the languages that you use every day. Teaching online is an incredible skill to have and something that a lot of people want. It also is easy to start and implement, you simply need a device that uses the internet, zoom and a student wanting to learn. You can also choose how much effort and time you put into it. So, if you just want a student twice a week, then that is great and can easily be done. 

Another benefits that a lot of people find with teaching online is that it is a job that you are in control if the hours that you do. You can apply for a tutor job at Preply, like you would a normal job, so you find the description that best fits your lifestyle. Some individuals only have a few nights week where they can commit to teaching someone else, so teaching a foreign language online, would give them that freedom to choose their commitment level.

You can simply start by getting onto Google and typing in that you are looking for tutoring jobs online and go from there, but we recommend that you do your research first, make sure that the sites or platforms that you are using are in line with the goal that you have in mind, so you do not burn yourself out by taking too much on at once.

  • Freelancing what you know

We have seen a lot of creatives thrive in the last 18 months because they have been able to freelance their skills online. From SEO marketing to website design and even social media managers as the world begins to understand the impact of the internet and how they should be implementing it into their daily lives regarding business. You can open a freelancing account on the many available sites, Google is your best friend when it comes to this, start up your profile and get going.

With this sort of work there are a lot of people out there that are trying to do everything at once, we recommend that you find something you are good at, or passionate about and move into that market instead of spreading yourself too thin. The reasoning for this is because if you want to supplement your already existing work, then you do not need to have 16 different skills that you are trying to do online, the maximum we suggest is one or two because it will take time to get these up and running and begin to see some sort of monetary impact from it, if you have too many, it will take a lot longer

Another way to make money if you do not want to open an account or start a business of your own is to simply go through your house and find things that you do not use anymore and sell them online. This will give you a little bit more cash for objects that do not serve you anymore. 

Supplementing your income has never been easier if you just know where your attention is best used.



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