Archer Dental Rosedale shows us that Covid-19 has changed dentistry

Archer Dental Rosedale is debuting a new concept: VIP dental pods.  These glass-enclosed operatories are made with Covid in mind.

Only recently completed, four brand new, bright and sunny examination rooms offer patients a boutique dental experience that’s both exclusive and secure. High powered HVAC circulates the atmosphere inside these rooms and state-of-the-art air filtration systems with medical grade HEPA filters perpetually clean and purify the air.

Archer Dental Rosedale shows us that Covid-19 has changed dentistry
Dental patient with Dr. Natalie Archer at Archer Dental Rosedale. Photo by Joanne Eady.

Visitors to Archer Dental Rosedale may see the sign Advancing dental care in our changing world stenciled in white letters on the purple wall behind the front desk. This is not just a catchy slogan, but a rallying cry in all three clinics.

Their website was among the first to incorporate an AI chatbot, which they programmed themselves to answer hundreds of questions, and which they named Dental Attendant. This technology became a trend setting solution to online booking in March 2020 as the Covid pandemic gripped Toronto, and planet Earth.

Natalie Archer DDS is a subject matter expert regarding the most efficient layouts for modern dental clinics, and the Rosedale dental office is an inspiration.

Rosedale’s new rooms face east and present patients with stunning views of Danforth Ave., Broadview Ave., and the Don River.

New VIP dental pods face east and get the morning sun.

Larger, more traditional operatories on the west side of the office glimpse Toronto’s downtown core and get warm afternoon sun.

This natural environment reduces anxiety and improves how patients perceive the health care center and how they’ll recall their own experiences.

Archer Dental Offers Same Day Dentistry

With so many dental chairs available at Archer Dental Rosedale, it’s now possible for patients to schedule same day dentistry. That means any minor issues detected during a routine hygiene therapy session can very likely be resolved immediately, the same day, eliminating the need for another appointment.

Patient Screening and PPE has become a big part of modern dentistry. Archer Dental requires all patients and visitors to wear a mask at all times while in the office except when they are being treated. Patients who arrive without a mask are given one by staff.  The day-to-day business at all three Archer Dental locations is very streamlined. There is no waiting beforehand and no lining up to pay afterwards.

Dental cavities are easier and less expensive to treat before you can see or feel the problem. That’s why it’s important to resume regular appointments so dentists can catch any minor worries before they become serious issues. Don’t let your fear of the pandemic prevent necessary treatment.

Archer Dental Rosedale, at Bloor and Sherbourne, is purpose-built to restore patient’s peace of mind, and oral health.



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