“A Day In The Life” With Actor, Writer And Producer Jennifer Lieberman

Jennifer Lieberman is a triple threat: an actor, writer and producer extraordinaire. Her passion for the arts propelled her to move to New York City at the young age of 20 after completing her Bachelor’s Degree at York University. Since then, her work has taken her from New York, to Los Angeles, London, Sydney and her artistic accolades encompass over 30 international stage credits, 40 indie film and theatre producing credits, and 3 publications including the novel Year of the What?, an adaptation of her groundbreaking and award winning solo show.

Jennifer is fearless, feisty and willing to take risks; she reaches for the stars and creates honest and thought-provoking art, including the short films Leash and Details, which both screened at the Festival De Cannes’ Court Metrage among other international festivals.

Despite her many career achievements, Jennifer is never too busy for her loved ones. Last summer, in the midst of a pandemic when live theatre was but a dream, Jennifer provided weekly backyard drama lessons to her young niece and nephew. She guided them in acting and writing workshops that culminated in a first-rate, homegrown theatre production under the stars, that elicited joy and an appreciation for the arts in her niece and nephew.

Jennifer never stops creating. She is always true to herself. She moves seamlessly from one idea to the next, and she is persistent in her quest to produce the art that she believes in. Jennifer is also unfailingly kind, generous and loyal. A true triple threat.

– By Carla Lieberman (Sister-In-Law)


Jennifer Lieberman
– I make a habit of doing things that terrify me on a regular basis. Growing up I never really thought I was funny, turns out I was wrong.
Jennifer Lieberman
-This is my project wall right above my desk, these are all pieces I’ve written that have materialized into the world in one form or another.
Jennifer Lieberman
-As a creative I wear many hats, sometimes all at once, like when I produce, direct and act in the pieces I write.
Jennifer Lieberman
-I make a point of staying active and connecting with nature on a daily basis. I’m basically a yoga-holic treehugger.
-Just another day at the office promoting cult sensation Tommy Wiseau’s “The Neighbors” at Comikaze (Stan Lee’s Comic Con) a few years back.
Jennifer Lieberman
-I’m a total Rocker Chick, in my opinion there is nothing better than a good rock show.
Jennifer Lieberman
-During the lockdown I started a weekly vlog called I Never Thought I Would… in order to stay sane, motivated and inspired. I interview fellow authors about doing things they never thought they would and the unexpected places it led them.

Which ‘hood are you in?

When I’m not bouncing around the globe for projects, I’m based in Maple where I grew up.

What do you do?

I’m an actor who writes, produces and directs. I love being part of the creative process in any capacity, there is nothing more exciting to me than making something out of nothing.

What are you currently working on?

Like most creatives I have several projects on the go. I’m in the fledgling production stages for my first feature film “Longing.” Book #2 for the “Year of the What?” series is underway. I’m also itching to get back on the comedy stage with some new material.

Where can we find your work?

My books are available on Amazon.ca and Indigo. All links to for the novel can be found on the website www.YearOfTheWhat.com and links for my ‘how to’ books and can be found at www.MakeYourOwnBreak.com

To keep up with my film, theatre and performance work you can follow me on all social media @iamjenlieberman, on my website or on my imdb page.

All episodes of my vlog “I Never Thought I Would…” are on my YouTube channel.