Time to refresh your workout routines at home? Here are some ideas!

We’ve been home for a year now working, schooling and doing our best at keeping physically and mentally active. We’ve even invested in additional equipment to have around the home…anyone still waiting for their Peloton to arrive? The end of winter is in sight and we’re hoping that things will open up again soon. But I have to admit, I’m okay with working out from home with so many online classes available. Also, no more excuses about having to commute to a gym or worry about wearing masks and wondering if lockers, change rooms and equipment have been properly disinfected. Sure, I miss the “in real life” connections with trainers and work out mates but I found that online as well.

If you’re like me and like a variety of activities to stay motivated or just getting a little bored of your regular routine maybe it’s time to switch things up? Here are some workouts you can do at home…still, and at any fitness level at any pace. The best is that you don’t actually need much equipment if any.

Living by Lauren Essentrics: known to help with mobility, flexibility and toning your body, this style of workout is increasing in popularity for both men and women. Flowing stretching movements is all about form and conditioning your body that also complements other workouts. Toronto-based Lauren is a level 4 certified trainer in Essentrics. Classes are live zoom -where yes, she can still help with corrections and available at a variety of time slots all week. I also love the live interaction before and after each class that still makes me feel connected to the outside world. Several times each year she includes several specialty workshops including the popular “aging backwards” series. Pay a la carte per class or take advantage of unlimited class pass each month.

Time to refresh your workout routines at home? Here are some ideas!

Sweat Nation Fitness with Beverley Cheng: award-winning fitness expert uses a mixture of body weight exercises and strength workouts combined with HIIT. I was first introduced to this Toronto-based trainer at an event at the Distillery and her fun and humorous approach kept me motivated.  You can catch a sampling of her style on her instagram page. Start with a 7 day trial and then go to a monthly $19.99 plan for unlimited video content. The site also offers up delicious recipes too like Sheet Pan Miso Salmon.

Apple Fitness+: is a great collection of workouts and if you’ve got an Apple Watch and Apple Devices you can take them anywhere you want to be and anytime on demand. Top notch trainers across the globe  lead in everything from HIIT, Cycling, Yoga, Dance, core programs and more. We noticed Tyrell Desean a SoulCycle Trainer (New York/Toronto) leading a series of cycling classes complete with motivating music to get your heartbeat up. Singer Shawn Mendes is featured in the ‘Time to Walk’  an exclusive series featuring inspiring people and their stories with accompanying images that pop up on your Apple Watch. Each series finishes with the guests own playlist for an enhanced experience designed to inspire further walks. I’ve tried a wide variety of workouts on Apple Fitness+ and have joined in challenges to #closeyourrings with friends globally. We share with each other our activity each day — and that’s been the greatest motivation to push me to go beyond the daily goals. Even if you don’t follow the Fitness+ workouts, you can still clock in your workouts on the Apple Watch with ‘Open Goals’ that gives you an idea of how many calories your burn, how long you’ve been exercising, and even breaks down to the style of workout you participate in. Try it for free the first month, then it’s $12.99 per month or $99 for the year. Apple Fitness+ can also be shared with 5 other family members.

BOLO Inc.: Whether you like to follow along in a live class or have a sweat sesh on demand, Toronto-based BOLO (Body Love Inc) has transitioned online to offer workouts from low impact to “beast mode” suitable for a wide range of fitness goals. Founder Caleigh Rykiss is a personal trainer and former competitive fighter so no surprise you’ll find some boxing moves in a few of the workout classes. Try their Boxing program, Tabata Intervals class, Booty class, and Pli-Yo-Lo (core, glutei and pilates workout) Their downtown location was a popular one pre-covid lockdown for the busy bodies who needed to burn off steam and revitalize their energy. They have a 7 day free trial. (On demand monthly subscription $35/month, Virtual Live classes are $12 per class)

Fitbit Premium: has become way more than a fitness tracker. We’ve been able to also track our stress and mindfulness with the Fitbit Sense. Helpful learning and complementary to your other fitness activity. Since we know that mindset can affect what we do and how we do it’s been a great asset in efficiently understanding our bodies. Subscribers to the premium services (via app) unlock more content including the latest Deepak Chopra Mindful Method – exclusive content to Fitbit. This series recently launched with 10 wellness sessions with more coming. There’s a 90 day free trial for the Premium Subscription then it’s $13.49 Cdn per month. There are also programs like Mindful Eating or how to improve your sleep available.

JOGA with Jana Webb: Great for toning and tightening, you could call it yoga for athletes (she’s known for training elite professionals in NBA, NHL, MLB, Olympians etc).  The method takes the best of yoga practice with the biomechanics in sports. Joga enhances athletic performance, improves concentration, and much more. Since her Toronto studio is now closed,  you can still access Jana’s guided sessions currently through FitPlan App that offers tracking, video instructions.




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