“A Day in the Life” with Toronto Visual Artist Amer SM

It still feels like yesterday when I first exposed Amer SM to the world of art. We began with shapes, colours, textures and patterns opening up a gateway to endless possibilities and concepts.

“Not without dedication” I’d always say, and he took that advice to heart.

Drawing and painting on everything from the floors to the walls. We embraced and encouraged it. His excitement so tender his curiosity so raw, this was his destiny painted in the stars.

I remember when he left home and moved to Canada at the age of eleven as a grade 4 student. So eager to prove himself and demonstrate his skills to fellow classmates, he took up an offer from his teachers to hand draw all the posters and main characters for the school production of, “Annie”.

He was now on everyone’s radar, and in grade 8 was accelerated to the high school art program next door.

The conversation with his High School guidance councillor was life-changing. It was he who recommended Amer focus his artistic applications on graphic design- describing it as the “future of art.” Amer wasn’t sure what path to take his skills, so this advice was encouraging.

Amer really excelled in the years that followed- constantly challenging himself to be the hardest worker in the room and on the street.

While completing his program at Humber College, he’d moonlight as an event promotor downtown Toronto. This was another form of education, learning a number of other skills like marketing, entrepreneurship and networking.

Perhaps his biggest accomplishment though was putting himself through school as a result of these efforts. An incredibly proud moment for him and the family.

When I reflect on what was and what is, there’s a beautiful harmony of art and business skills that have manifested over the years as a result of these experiences, and it’s lead to considerable achievements.

Whether it was launching Art by Amer SM, opening Toronto Gallery of Art or having his work in the hands of cultural icons like Drake and Snoop Dogg, it seems as though despite all the patterns, colours, textures and shapes, Amer has navigated the stars and realized his full circle. One that began on a warm summer day in Saudi Arabia, as a four-year-old hanging out with his aunt Monya.

– Monya

Art By Amer SM Gallery
‘Art By Amer SM Gallery Interior- Main’
Art By Amer SM Gallery
‘Taking Care of Business’
Art By Amer SM Gallery
‘Art By Amer SM Gallery Interior- Fireplace’
Art By Amer SM Galler
‘Amer SM & Picasso’
Art By Amer SM Galler
‘Torch Work’
Art By Amer SM Galler
‘Art By Amer SM Gallery Exterior-Front’
Art By Amer SM Galler
‘Amer SM at Art Basel Miami 2019’
Snoop Dogg & Amer SM
‘Snoop Dogg & Amer SM’

Which ‘hood are you in?

You can find me in Fort York.

What do you do?

I’m a mixed media visual artist specializing in modern/contemporary pop culture work infused with high-end fashion designer brands and custom artwork concepts. I also own the Toronto Gallery of Art.

What are you currently working on?

Leading up to Christmas and the Holidays I’ll be finishing commissions to make sure my clients have them on-time. As soon as things open in 2021, we’ll start planning the first art show at the new space .

Where can we find your work?

You can check out my work at www.artbyamersm.com or follow my journey on Instagram @amer.sm and @artbyamersm. Also feel free to book an appointment and come by the Art by Amer SM Gallery located at 32 Fort York Boulevard.



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