A beautiful Lily needs a new pad in the Toronto area!

Lily comes with free post-adoption support!

If you have any strings that need attacking, Lily is your girl! This pretty girl is playful and has a weakness for soft blankets.

When Lily is first introduced to a new environment. she is a little skittish and needs a few hiding places to feel safe, but she will come out at night to explore. Once she feels comfortable, she’ll warm up and become your new best friend. It’s only around strangers that she gets nervous again.

Lily enjoys sitting next to her people and getting pets and scratches, but she’s not a super cuddly cat. She doesn’t like being picked up, but she will sit on your lap from time to time. Mostly, she’s very content just sitting right beside you.

Lily has a weakness for soft blankets and cannot resist napping on a fuzzy blanket! If you have a soft blanket on your bed, Lily will probably sleep there with you, increasing your chances of snuggles!

Playing is one of Lily’s favourite activities. You can drag a string around for Lily so she can chase and attack it. She also likes playing with small toys with feathers or plushies. She would love to have a scratching post too!

When she’s not playing, Lily would love if you could brush her long gorgeous fur coat. She likes to look as good as she feels.
Lily loves being a part of the conversation – and she understands a few key words too. You can call her up to jump to sit with you and she definitely knows the words “treats” and “biscuits” because tuna Temptations is her all-time favourite snack.

Lily has allergies and takes oral medication to help her cope. Just like humans, her allergies itch her skin, and when she feels irritated, she licks and chews her skin. She hopes her humans help her with any medication she may need.

The perfect forever home for Lily is one with people who will dedicate a good amount of time to playing with her since she really needs that enrichment! She doesn’t like other cats, and experience with dogs, and kids is unknown. If you’re looking for a mostly independent kitty who will still want lots of playtime and snuggles with you, Lily is your perfect girl!

To begin the adoptions process, visit us at adopt-a-pet/adoption-process

For more information about Lily, contact us at adoption@torontohumanesociety.com

Animal adoption
Lily the cat


Breed: Domestic medium hair, mix

Age: 10 years 7 months

Sex: Female

Size: Medium

Colour: White/brown

Spayed/neutered: Yes

Declawed: No


For Toronto Humane Society’s complete adoption process, please click here to learn more about how you can make this companion, a forever friend!


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