“A Day in the Life” with contemporary flamenco dancer Sofí Gudiño

Sofia Gudiño, better known as Sofí Gudiño by friends and colleagues, is a Canadian contemporary flamenco dancer of Mexican background. The second born of six children, Sofí is passionate, hardworking, kind, and fierce. A go-getter by nature.

From an early age, Sofí’s passion and calling was in the art of dance. She started training in flamenco as a child at Esmeralda Enrique’s Academy of Spanish Dance, after being inspired by her aunt and flamenco dancer, Ilse Gudiño. Later, Sofí expanded her dance training into contemporary dance with Ismailova Theatre of Dance in 2011. Last year, Sofi spent three months in Sevilla, Spain, studying flamenco with renowned Flamenco dancers Úrsula López, Alicia Márquez, Pastora Galván and Ramón Martínez.

As the boss human that she is, Sofi is the founder of Inamorata Dance Collective, a contemporary flamenco dance company. Sofi has enjoyed residencies at The Toronto Dance Theatre, The Chimera Project Company B Lab, and currently at Dancemakers, where she’s currently
choreographing and directing Inamorata’s next stage production, “SOLA”, premiering May 2020.

Some choreographic premieres include Nuit Blanche, Pride, New Blue Dance Festival, and with the award-nominated piece, Picaza, in Toronto Fringe.

Besides expressing herself through contemporary and flamenco dance, Sofi is also a queer rights activist and advocate. She also shakes all she’s got dancing samba and Cuban shows with the Afro Latino Dance Company.

~ bio by Ana Lía Arias Garrido

Sofí Gudiño
Sofí Gudiño at a performance in Newmarket, ON
Sofi rehearsing for B Sides: Looking In
Sofi performing at Rainbow Reels’ Super Gay Cabaret, Kitchener
Waterloo (photo by Andrea Perez Leon)
Sofí Gudiño
Sofi performing at Toronto Pride, 2018 (photo by @lilpphotos)
Sofí Gudiño
Sofi before taking the stage at the Dragon Ball Media Launch with
KulKat Inc. (photo by SVPhotography.ca)
Sofi on stage for KulKat Inc at the Dragon Ball
Sofí Gudiño
Sofi on stage at Toronto Pride with percussionist Mari Palhares
(photo by @lilpphotos)
Sofi shot for Lights Dance Festival by David Choi.

What ‘hood are you in? 

I live in the High Park neighbourhood, at the top of a big hill! The view balances out the uphill bike rides home. I grew up in Kensington market, Bloor West and eventually Roncesvalles. This is the quietest Toronto neighbourhood I’ve ever lived in, and it’s a sweet retreat from my show schedule.

What do you do?

At the core, I am a contemporary and flamenco dancer. Growing up with flamenco dance, it’s hard to imagine a world where I am not in that art form! That being said, I am so drawn to experimental work and collaboration. My arts path has crossed with many different forms, so it really depends on what is on the table at the time. I’m drawn to risk-takers and rule-breakers, in general. Since last year, I have been studying Brazilian samba and Cuban dance at the Afro Latino Dance Company, and it’s been a huge blessing!

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently in residency at Dancemakers, where I am working on my first solo show, “SOLA”, premiering May 2020! It’s very inspired by the stories I have gathered about people’s experiences in solitude, and a lot of experiments I am working on with flamenco costumes. I am joined by singer Ana Lía Arias Garrido and musician Benjamin Barrile.

Where can we find your work?

You can find me on my Instagram @sofidances, and my company’s profile @inamoratadance ! From November 1-3, 2019, I will be onstage in a remount of Nazanin Meshkat’s “B Side: Looking In” at the Winchester Street Theatre, and you can look for the “SOLA” premiere in May, 2020, on Dancemakers‘ website.



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