“A Day in the Life” with multidisciplinary artist Samson Brown

Samson Brown is a self described, Jamal Of All Hustles, with a primary focus on trans advocacy and the arts. He uses the arts (acting, tap dancing, playwrighting, stage and production managing) to create visibility for men of trans experience and to educate the general public on trans issues. His monodrama “11:11” is part of the 2019 Riser Project.

Samson Brown
“Self care sundays” Deep conditioning my hair as part of my self care practice.
Samson Brown
“With Ria” Hanging with my big sister Ria Reece after her performance for Canadian Music Week.
Samson Brown
“Performing secrets” On stage performing with my brothers, the cast of Secrets of A Black Boy
Samson Brown
“With mum” About to watch School Girls; Or An African Mean Girls Play with my mum.
Samson Brown
“tapsula” Tapsula rehearsal, which is a South African style of tap dancing, in the studio and a dog in the audience on the boardwalk
Samson Brown
“LGBG castmates and playwright” 1st day of rehearsal for Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls with castmates Athena and Matthew, and playwright Dave Deveau.


What ‘hood are you in?

I live on the border of Cabbagetown and St. James Town, which is an interesting place to live as an artist who works primarily downtown and enjoys people watching.

What do you do?

I’ve given myself the moniker of Jamal Of All Hustles, because I have many hustles (artistic and otherwise) that I practice. I’m an actor, a playwright, a budding director, spiritist/conjure man/rootworker/bruxo … the list goes on.

What are you currently working on? 

I’m currently going through dramaturgy with my mentor d’bi.young anitafrika on my upcoming show 11:11, which will be a part of this years Riser Project.

Where can we find your work?

I’ve been engaged as a playwright and actor in Welcome To My Underworld, which will be running at Soulpepper Theatre in May 8th – 25th. I’ll be following that up with my one man show, titled 11:11 will be in the upcoming Riser Project at The Theatre Centre and will run from May 26th – June 1st.



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