Inside Canada’s Largest Casino

The Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto, Canada’s newest and largest casino resort, has made significant strides since its opening in June 2023. Poised to celebrate its grand opening in May 2024, this destination combines world-class gaming with diverse entertainment options.

Occupying 33 acres, the CA$1 billion resort is a testament to luxury and entertainment. Its 328,000 sq. ft. gaming floor, equipped with 4,800 slot machines, 145 live table games, and VIP rooms, offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Sports betting terminals add to the excitement, catering to various preferences​​​​.

Strategic Developments and World-Class Attractions

In addition to gaming, the resort boasts a 400-room hotel, an indoor pool, wellness and fitness areas, and several dining amenities. The recent introduction of a 30-table poker room, operational around the clock, enhances the resort’s appeal to poker enthusiasts​​​​.

The room, featuring both ‘No Limit’ and ‘Limit’ stakes and a semi-private area for higher-stakes games, indicates the resort’s commitment to diverse gaming experiences​​.

Grand Opening Celebrations

The official Grand Opening of the Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto in May 2024 is set to be a landmark event in the city’s entertainment calendar. The resort has announced an impressive lineup for this celebration, featuring performances by globally acclaimed artists. On May 3, 2024, three-time GRAMMY Award winner Gwen Stefani will grace the stage, followed by the acclaimed country music star Blake Shelton, a five-time CMA Male Vocalist of the Year and multiple ACM Award winner, on May 4.

These performances, scheduled in the resort’s new 5,000-person The Theatre, promise to be a fitting tribute to the grandeur of Canada’s largest casino resort, blending top-tier live entertainment with the thrill of gaming.

Great Canadian Entertainment offers an exclusive opportunity for those eager to participate in this grand event. Great Canadian Rewards program members can enjoy early access to tickets for both shows starting December 12. This privilege allows members to experience the excitement before the general public.

Moreover, in collaboration with Live Nation and Ticketmaster, a presale event will begin on December 14, offering an additional avenue for enthusiasts to secure their spots. This presale window provides a limited time for fans to purchase tickets, concluding the same day at 10 p.m. ET.

For those not part of the presale, tickets will be available to the general public from December 15, ensuring that everyone can participate in this historic opening.

Economic Impact and Community Contribution

The resort is a significant economic contributor, generating substantial tax revenues for the government and creating thousands of jobs. With projections of 12 million visits next year, it is expected to be a major draw for local and international visitors​​.

While less accessible via public transit, plans to enhance connectivity through GO/UP Express and LRT services are in the pipeline, promising greater ease of access for visitors​​.

The Great Canadian Casino Resort Toronto represents a significant milestone in Canada’s entertainment and gaming industry. With its vast array of gaming options, world-class amenities, and commitment to responsible gaming, it is poised to become a premier destination for entertainment enthusiasts from around the globe. It will be interested to see how this casino powerhouse performs with the on-going growth of other online options and the rising popularity around these.




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