Moderat’s MORE D4TA Tour Arrives in Toronto

Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert + Sebastian Szary) and Apparat (Sascha Ring) brought together a trio band labelled “Moderat”. Originating in Berlin in 2003, the group has put out four albums, with the supporting album of their 2022 tour labelled “MORE D4TA”. They’ve been able to bring their exclusive sound to the deepest corners of many countries. Last month was spent touring throughout Europe, in countries such as Italy, Portugal and Germany. Once hitting North America, they took a tour bus throughout the United States, from California all the way through Detroit.

Photo credit: Hannes Weigel

Their Toronto tour date fell shortly after their Detroit show on October 3rd at History.

The packed venue was exhilarated to see Moderat shake the building with their unique sound. For Moderat fans, this show was a massive moment, as their last string of concerts were in 2017. The album, “MORE D4TA” was their first project in over 6 years.

The group started the show in the darkness, with only their silhouettes to be seen. Their synthesizers lightly flashed into the stage, building up to the sound that we were all waiting for.

Throughout their set, Moderat was assisted by gorgeous visuals. Visuals that can be understood as only a part of a whole, shapes of the subconscious. Tunnels of infinity and sheets of code were projected behind them, spelling out various decoded phrases to support the track being played. Apparat (Sacha Ring), led the trio with harmonizations over the heavy synths.

The music was also assisted by a mesmerizing lightshow, drawing the crowd closer and closer to Apparat, as he brought the raw sound of his guitar towards the end of the concert.

Moderat’s music speaks for itself, but the identities of the three electronic music veterans were quite disguised. As only Apparat filled the show with a few phrases between songs.

We got the chance to sit down and talk with the group to see what their own thoughts were behind the blissful synths and beams of light.

What is your personal favourite track from MORE D4TA and why?

Gernot – “Drum Glow, because for me it contains a very important and interesting historic sample from the electronic music scene. It’s actually a Canadian bird, it’s the Loon bird. You also have it on your money. I carried this melody for a long time and it never found a place. It was never ready to be finished. With this record, we finished it together and that made me really happy.”

Sebastian – “My favourite is NEON Rats. That was one of the last tracks we finished in summer of 2021 when everything began to open again. We played some DJ and rave sets in Ukraine and Kiev. I have an old picture of an old concrete factory and when we got back we finished the track.”

Sascha – “I don’t really have a favourite, I usually hate the record when it’s done. It never really changes. Then I slowly start to like things again.”

Although you’re here briefly, what do you like about Toronto so far?

Gernot – “I like that it’s pretty European. It’s organized and the city has little stores. When you’re in Los Angeles, you need to drive 30 minutes to get to another store. It has this New York feeling, but it has a smaller city center.”

“In Toronto, there is a huge Asian community. They have the best Ramen restaurant that I have discovered so far. I’ve been to many restaurants in my life, but last night we went to this place (Ikkousha Ramen) and I’m still obsessed. So we have to finish this interview quickly and let’s go!”

Is there anything that makes this record and tour extra special to you guys? Versus your past tours and projects.

Sascha – “It felt like you were granted an encore. I have not been on a stage for that long in twenty-something years. Now I’m just really grateful that I’m able to do that. It’s good to be reminded, you know? At some point, you take it for granted, like it’s just playing another tour. But it is really special, it’s helpful to be reminded of that. That’s what makes it special for me, it really is like a second life experience.”


This was the Moderat’s first set of North American shows. Between the tour they’d find their crew being tourists themselves. They mentioned that they rented a car and checked out Niagara falls the night before their show.

Moderat gave Toronto a taste of the Berlin club scene, without taking a 10 hour flight. The crowd gave an overwhelming applause as the group bowed and faded into the darkness of the stage. Leaving their Canadian fans eager for their next tour.

Moderat’s fourth studio album MORE D4TA is available on all major streaming sites.



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